Weight Loss

hypnosis for weight lossHypnosis Helps You Lose Weight and Keep It Off. 

How? By getting to the underlying reason for the current unhealthy habits you have learned. Then we release that concept creating space for new healthy habits, attitudes, behaviors. Our focus is creating a permanent new healthy lifestyle that fits you, one you can live with and stick with. The result? The excess unwanted weight begins to release.

Hypnosis to lose weight involves no diets.  We retrain your mind and body to work together to crave the natural foods your body needs for energy and support. We also remove the triggers that keep us captive to unwanted behaviors.  These triggers cause us to get up in the middle of the night and eat, or to eat too much, or to eat the wrong things. We help you to access the part of your mind where the connection to food as a stress reliever or pain reducer is stored.

Because of hypnosis for weight loss, I’m now feeding my body what it really needs. Who would have thought eating more [of the right things] would attribute to weight loss. And I no longer think about pizza.” Tracy S. Dallas, Tx

Hypnosis has helped me to lose weight by retraining my thinking about weight loss. My weight loss has seemed almost effortless, without giving up any food group exclusively and simply by choosing the right foods. Connie H, Irving, Tx

weight loss hypnosis dallasA diet is perceived to be a chore we must do to lose weight. This program doesn’t use a diet simply because they do not work. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced that after dieting, the lost weight often comes back – you know, the roller coaster diet.  Normally this return of unwanted pounds is due to a return to old eating patterns. We change your eating patterns.

I dropped 3 pounds in two days. I’m not eating everything on my plate; I don’t even want bread. I now have had 12 weeks of consistent loss in the 1-3 pound-a-week range. Sondra V – Frisco, Tx

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