Does the word Hypnosis raise feelings of Curiosity or Fear?

Does the word Hypnosis raise feelings of Curiosity or Fear?

Hypnosis in the news recently should help to make hypnosis more curious than fearful.


Dr. Oz, NPR’s Diane Rehm and Radiolab recently featured programs that highlighted hypnosis in a positive way.

 The Dr. Oz Show

Dr Oz  featured a hypnotist on his program, Paul McKenna, hypnotist who talked about the  ways hypnosis works for weight loss in his 7-Day Hypnosis Plan: Does It Work for Weight Loss? (The Oz Blog).

Diane Rehm, from the story “A Mission To Fly A Solar-powered Plane Around the World,” featured Swiss explorer Bertrand Piccard the inventor of a solar powered plane and also a hypnotist who used hypnosis to help him prepare for his flights and to sleep while he was traveling around the world in a hot air balloon.

Here is an excerpt from that interview:

Hypnosis is something that allows you as a human being to use better your inner resources, your concentration, your focus, your emotions, the feeling of yourself living in the present moment in your body, all these things we call now mindfulness. And hypnosis is a therapeutical way to use it but it’s also a personal way to understand life and understand the relation with ourselves.

So not only I treated my patients like this but I also use a lot of these techniques for my normal life and of course to prepare my flights and to fly. In the balloon I was sleeping with self hypnosis and I was falling asleep much quicker because I could disconnect my brain from overstress of the piloting of the balloon when we were in tricky situations around the world, to be able to sleep and relax.

….In very short words, hypnosis is a disassociation between two parts of yourself, mind and the body or the rational part and the emotional part of yourself or the past and the present or the past and the future. So you can, for example, anticipate a feeling of comfort and safety in the future while visualizing a big problem you have to solve.

So when you get yourself into potential problem in the future, you are calm and relaxed to solve it and to implement the solution you have prepared already. So it’s a very good way, I believe, to live as a pilot but also in life in general. You know, human beings have so much in their resources that what they believe. And the big adventure is life itself. It’s how to manage yourself as human beings.


RadioLab’s program discussed how a person’s actions or behaviors are influenced by suggestion. Basically what hypnosis is, is suggestive therapy.

And the week before on the show they featured a doctor who tried hypnosis for the worst case of warts he had ever seen.

The more we hear about hypnosis and how it works can peak curiosity, answer curious questions and hopefully work to eliminate fear.  However just hearing about something doesn’t necessarily alter an opinion, it can influence it but the best way is to try it for yourself.  If you are interested in looking into this method of behavior change, start with some self-hypnosis recordings, or do group hypnosis.

Does the word Hypnosis raise feelings of Curiosity or Fear? Hypnosis in the news recently should help to make hypnosis more curious than fearful. If you are curious, give me a call 972-974-2094.



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