Stress and anxiety management: When Socioeconomic Struggles Challenge Who We Are. Part 2. 1

Stress and anxiety management:  When Socioeconomic Struggles Challenge Who We Are. Part 2.

Stress and Anxiety Management: WHAT ARE YOU ALLOWING TO SHAPE WHO YOU ARE?

When we are challenged due to socioeconomic changes like a loss in a job or having to downsize our car, it can create feelings of anxiety and stress.  Why is losing an object so stressful?  It is because we have our identity associated with that object.  We are successful because we are the Vice President; or we are successful because we drive the newest Lexus, or we are successful because we live in the newest uptown community.

Feeling like a tree that has been uprooted?

Stress occurs in keeping all of this up and also in losing it. So why is all of our stuff so important to us to the point we are creating negative psychological and physiological changes in our mind and bodies.  Why have we shifted from the natural state of self-referral to the artificial state of object referral?  What is self-referral and object-referral?


According to David Freudberg, producer of the radio show HumanKind (heard on NPR), stated on a recent show:

“One way to do that is to stop watching television.”

Additionally he poses this commentary on the situation:

“What defines you? Well, the media is making the decision for us, they are not giving us the information for us to make our own decisions which narrows American’s view of important topics. We need a change in human consciousness….”

He continues,

“TV is a distraction

it takes our attention away

from the essential question:

Why are we here?
What is human life all about?”

If you want to experiment with this, ask your friends that watch TV what their favorite shows are, and then see if you notice any similarities.   Humans tend to mimic what they are exposed to.  Also advertiser’s know (I know I ran an ad agency for a while) that we are in a very suggestible alpha state when watching programing and therefore they target our emotional needs to fit their product, which is why we think we will be the happiest if we are skinny playing volleyball and drinking beer this summer.

So if we turn off the TV and listen, you might hear your true-self calling? That original self is still there but can’t get through all the noise that the distractions in our life create.

If you can be silent, would you hear yourself saying?

  • Do you want to know your purpose?
  • Do you feel there is more to this life?
  • Does your life seem to not make any sense?

And if you are hearing the question, then in the silence you can also hear the answer.

So are you tired of allowing others to shape who you are?  Do you want to feel secure and confident in your true self, then call for stress management therapy and or do this exercise designed to clear your mind and get back to what is truly important in your life.

More in Part 3

Stress and Anxiety Management Reading Recommendations:

The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

The Presence Process, Michael Brown

Do it yourself stress relief techniques please share this with your children, all ages!


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