Stress and anxiety management: When Socioeconomic Struggles Challenge Who We Are. Part 1. 1

Stress and anxiety management:  When Socioeconomic Struggles Challenge Who We Are. Part 1

Stress and anxiety management: WHAT DEFINES YOU?

  • Is it where you live?
  • Is it what car you drive?
  • Is it your position at work?
  • Is it your salary?

If so, then what if you lose your job, your car?

  • What would that mean for who you really are?
  • How would you define yourself?
  • How would others define you?

Do you feel like a tree that is split in two?

Feel the need for stress management therapy?

Just the thought of that may create stress and our attempt to keep up appearances when things are shifting also creates stress. And the thought of what others will think creates stress and all of this pushes us towards creating this world that makes us feel accepted, it takes a great deal of energy to do this, it puts pressure on us, it makes us preoccupied, it makes our status/our objects our goal, and it creates imbalance in our physical, emotional and mental states.

Are you ‘object referral’ or ‘self-referral’? One creates stress situations and other doesn’t.

Object referral means we define ourselves by the objects around us, (our possessions, our status) and if we lose those, we might lose ourselves.  That is why we see people that retire from a 40-year career die within several years – perhaps because their career was their total self-identity.

But when we are self-referred, we are self confident no matter what is happening economically or socially because we are not defined by our careers or our possessions.

Did you know we are born in a state of self-referral?

We are born stress free but learn to react to events in our lives that seem to be a threat. And that response becomes habitual.

Good news, since we were born in that state of self-referral we can return to it and be more relaxed.  That is the purpose of these blogs and the exercises you can find at the end of each one.  Also follow the links to more “DIY” stress relief techniques.


  • Make a list of all your important or key possessions.
  • Note next to each one how they define you.
  • Evaluate how you would feel about your self without that possession.
  • Evaluate how you would think others would feel about you without that possession.
  • Which one is the hardest to give up and why?


Do it yourself DIY stress relief techniques; please share this with your children, all ages!


How Stress Therapy Program Works.

If the pressure is on and you feel exhausted, or you realize you are putting too much into your possessions and not enough into YOU, Dallas Hypnosis Programs offer stress and anxiety management therapy for individuals who are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety call for consultation on our Stress Management Therapy sessions at 972-974-2094.


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