Two opposing messages appeared in my email inbox the other day:

The first from MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers):

“For the first time in six years, drunk driving deaths have increased. And not just by a little by almost five percent.

“Data just released shows that 10,322 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2012 – one every 51 minutes. This means that as we approach the holidays, thousands of brokenhearted families, friends and loved ones are facing empty chairs at the dinner table.”

The next email was from Pinterest with Pins that I might be interested in, all of them photos of glamorized cocktails targeted to women.”

Drink is a new novel that details the author’s “getting sober” story.  Her book specifically addresses the new marketing strategy for women by alcohol distributors.  I heard her on the Diane Rehm Show and she mentioned a hiccup in our make up that predisposes woman to more adverse effects from alcohol then men.

This is a known scientific fact, yet women (young women) are being targeted to drink more and not beer and wine, vodka.

Are you angry yet?

DRINK: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol Hardcover

by Ann Dowsett Johnston

I have recently been advised to give up booze for good, even the occasional glass of wine, “simply because my liver can no longer handle the poisonous effects of ethanol”…well when you put it that way doc. At 50+ it is time to stop BEFORE I hear more severe diagnosis from my perky, petite and very smart Dr. Kate Naumes.

However a recent trip to Cancun with an all-inclusive service that included alcohol from 10 am to midnight proved too tempting for me.  I was mindful of the amount and kept to a minimum while watching the other guests drink one after another and wondering why was it necessary for us to do that when all around us where the effects of nature, which is calming on its own.

Today I don’t feel so good and am getting back on track.  I realized I do okay without alcohol when I’m alone, which is how I spend most of my time, but with others (who drink) it is harder, I’ll work on that by creating a hypnosis recording that fixes that temptation.

A Skinny Bitch Martini isn’t glamorous. It is poison in disguise and is a marvel of marketing how alcohol distributors manage to convince us to drink that stuff, but we do.


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