Hypnosis is like brain surgery for stroke survivors

Hypnosis is like brain surgery for stroke survivors – Dallas Hypnosis Programs for stroke survivors speed up neuroplasticity.

Your brain is THE most incredible organ in your body!

Here is why: Neuroplasticity is the ability for the brain to rewire itself to take on other functions. For example in stroke victims, “a patient who suffered a stroke that destroyed the left hemisphere of her brain, rendering her right hand paralyzed and making her unable to speak, later regained use of that hand and the ability to speak when the right side of her brain took over the functions normally assigned to the left hemisphere”. *

Hypnosis can speed up the process of neuroplasticity by sending messages to the new healthy brain cells to take up the function of the dead cells; and by having the client connect to an image or feeling or her future self as healthy, strong and in control.

If you want to know more about how hypnosis can rewire the brain for stroke victims or any other talent, ability, or behavior you want, book your complimentary consultation.

*Credits:  article by Bridget Coila 6/4/09 research: Kennedy, PR, Bakey RA (1998) Restoration of neural output from a paralyzed patient by a direct brain connection. Neuroreport. June 1:9 (8): 1707-11

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