Squatting is the New Sitting.

Remember the term you don’t know Jack Squat?

Well bet you also didn’t know squatting is much much more healthier for you than sitting, here’s why:
-Increased flexibilityjonathansloan.jpg
-greater range of motion in the hips, knees, ankles
-spinal relief and spinal decompression
-core activation and strengthening
-teaches the muscles, tendons, ligaments to communicate
-better balance

And the biggest reason is:
-It’s human beings natural resting position



Jonathan Sloan, Fitness Practitioner/Personal Trainer says,
“The body functions best in certain positions. Just like your garden hose flows best with no creases or resistance. There are so many things flowing up and down your body; blood, nutrients, antibodies, etc., those things flow best when your body is in its most natural positions.

ds2Deep Squats are literally the natural way for humans to rest, many other cultures still practice this all the time. Some easy examples are Asia and India, they wait in line in a squat, take a squat when they feel like they’ve been standing too long, or even when they’re having drinks! A “normal squat,” where you squat down to about chair height or to where your knees bend at about a 90 degree angle, actually puts a crease in our colon!

Obviously if there is a crease in your colon, there are a lot of other things that can’t flow the way they need to in this position. Everything in the body is connected, if one area of the body can’t do its job efficiently then everything else is also affect”. IMG_3149

dsSo, how much time do YOU spend in a chair a day? If you are like most it is a great deal of the time, so, find ways to squat and check email, meditate, garden, talk with a friend of family member, there are many opportunities all around you.


Jonathan Sloan
Fitness Practitioner/Personal Trainer


About Valerie Grimes

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