Hypnotist In Dallas Reconnects A Person’s Natural Instincts To Eat Healthy

Hypnotist In Dallas, Valerie A. Grimes,  Reconnects Natural Instinct To Eat Healthy & Lose Weight By Removing The Imprints We Have Associated With Foods.

Most of us were born with the natural instincts to know what to eat, when and how much. Then, we fall,  scrape our knee and dear sweet mom, auntie or grannie brought us cookies and milk and we felt so loved and soothed—and then food becomes comforting.

It also works to repel us against certain foods like if we are forced to eat vegetables we may not like them as adults.

The above scenario creates an imprint  and that imprint can stay with us until we decide to change it and it CAN be changed because it was a learned behavior.Hypnosis for weight loss is effective at unlearning because it allows each person to reestablish his natural instinct for recognizing appropriate foods and food portions.Everyone is born with this intuitive understanding so it is easy to access this and reestablish our connection. Most clients find the transition effortless because it returns their bodies to their original condition with nothing new to learn.

Hypnotist in Dallas reconnects natural instincts to eat healthy and lose weight without diets, strenuous exercise or the fear of gaining the weight back but by reconnecting with natural instincts, call for your complimentary consultation.


About Valerie Grimes

Besides assisting individuals in behavior change and self improvement, Hypnotist Valerie Grimes specializing in dependencies such as alcohol, food, shopping, pain medication, and smoking. She is also trained in the area of hypnosis for PTSD and Auto Immune Disorders. And is a Reiki Level 2 Master. For More about Valerie, Go To Her Personal Web Page.

She is a 2002 graduate of the Dallas Hypnosis Training Institute, and certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Continuing Education is maintained 15 hours per year through Hypnosis Motivational Institute in California.