Hypnosis a Natural Remedy for Sleeping

hypnosis natural remedy for sleepHave you been searching online: How Can I Fall Asleep? Why Am I Not Able To Sleep?

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Sleep is the most natural thing we do besides breathing, however due to the modern world we have created it is becoming increasingly difficult to get regular deep and lastly sleep. I would venture to guess that 80% of our clients experience problems with sleep.

Hypnosis has the effect of returning a person to their natural ability to sleep through private sessions that address the underlying causes of sleeplessness and then learning new habits that lead to good sleep hygiene and then to good deep, consistent sleep. It is important that we also create a level of confidence so the person feels the relief of previous worrying about sleep.

Why Hypnosis is a Natural Remedy for Sleep Problems

So what stops people from sleeping naturally?

  • *Medical conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Caffeine
  • Thinking about the ‘to do’ list
  • Lack of melatonin
  • Sympathetic Nervous System Arousal (unpleasant emotions like anxiety)
  • Bad sleep hygiene

What Is Good Sleep Hygiene?

hypnosis for sleep improvementDeveloping a ritual that includes habits that promote natural sleep and then being consistent with them until they are an unconscious ritual like brushing your teeth is good sleep hygiene. Here are some ideas:

*Bad Bed Associations Is Not Good Sleep Hygiene. Create Good Ones.

Do you associate your bed with sleeping, eating, watching TV, reading, or sex? The bed is for two things only. Can you guess what those are? Sleep and sex. Do those other things elsewhere.

Eliminate or reduce noise interference

A white noise machine helps drown out barking dogs, traffic and other annoying nighttime sounds.

Creating a scheduled bedtime

Remember your parent always reminded you…it is important to go to bed at the same time each night. It’s about programming, the brain responds very well to that.

Create a Dark and Comfortable Room

Is the room light or dark? Too hot, too cool? Don’t stay awake thinking about it change it.

Our bodies prefer total darkness to sleep so purchase a sleeping eye mask or room darkening shades. Do what you need to do to get the temperature comfortable for you.

No caffeine, alcohol, dessert or nicotine 4 hours before bed.


*Caffeine is not a stimulant (as most think) it is actually much worse. It blocks the adenosine receptors in the brain which triggers an adrenaline release and that puts you in an unnatural stress response which drives the need for more caffeine. It is really not even a good idea to have caffeine in the morning either.

Nicotine is a stimulant, we only think it relaxes us, but it stimulates the Central Nervous System, not something you want to do if you plan on sleeping well.

Alcohol converts to sugar and dessert is also sugar. Drinking alcohol is like eating cake before bed and we would not let our kids do that. The reason we don’t give children cake before bedtime is…they won’t sleep.

So why do we consume sugar and other stimulates in other forms? Get over the “I’m an adult and can do what I want.”

Find time to exercise but not right before bedtime

No Blue Light

30 minutes before bed darken all screens. The blue light that emits from our devices reduces melatonin production. Melatonin is essential for sleep, absolutely essential.

*There are apps that create the orange light on your screen and the new OS for iPhone features Night Shift which produces a lovely orange hue on your screen, you can program it to come on 3-60 min before your sleep time. Or wearing orange tinted safety glasses while reading on your device works well also and these can be worn over your regular glasses.

Read more about anxiety and modern world and how it affects sleep.

Solutions to not sleeping and how hypnosis helps.

A hypnotist can help a person change their future thoughts about sleep, create methods to help wind down the conscious mind, reduce anxiety and other unpleasant emotions that keep them awake, support new sleep hygiene, reduce or eliminate cravings for alcohol, nicotine and other stimulants before bed, and promote daily exercise for stress release. And hypnosis can create a naturally alert state of mind and energy so the need for caffeine is reduced or eliminated.

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*Thanks to Andrew McDuffee and his presentation on hypnosis and sleep issues at the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) Conference April 2017.

About Valerie Grimes

Besides assisting individuals in behavior change and self improvement, Hypnotist Valerie Grimes specializing in dependencies such as alcohol, food, shopping, pain medication, and smoking. She is also trained in the area of hypnosis for PTSD and Auto Immune Disorders. And is a Reiki Level 2 Master. For More about Valerie, Go To Her Personal Web Page. She is a 2002 graduate of the Dallas Hypnosis Training Institute, and certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Continuing Education is maintained 15 hours per year through Hypnosis Motivational Institute in California.