Do you believe you will plateau during your weight loss program?

If you believe you will plateau in your weight loss program?

Hypnosis works to transform self-defeating beliefs so you succeed.

If you are ON a plateau in your weight loss program, here is how to get off:

From Shots Health News an online segment from NPR

Eric Ravussin an obesity researcher who directs the Pennington Health Center in Baton Rogue, Louisiana says, “There’s no question there is a diet plateau, four to six months into a diet program, this typically happens.”

Even a weight loss of 10 pounds will set the body up to fight back, Ravussin says. Any significant weight loss means the body is smaller and needs less fuel to walk, go up stairs, jog or get out of a chair.

And less fuel burned means fewer calories needed. So if you’ve been on a diet of 1,500 calorie a day, perhaps your slimmer body now needs 300 calories less per day. That means you have to decrease your daily caloric intake — perhaps by as much as 300 calories, down to 1,200 calories a day — if you want to continue losing weight.

here’s how to avoid the plateau during your weight loss program.

There is a law of mind called the Law of Dominate Effect which states you can’t hold two thoughts at once and the one with the most emotion around it is the one that effects behavior.  Meaning if in the past you plateaued then your mind has a dominate pattern around that experience. Hypnosis helps a person change that pattern, to reframe the past experience and to create a new future experience.  There is always a lot of emotion fueled by the clients desire to get to their goal, the subconscious mind easily creates the pathways when emotion meets visuals or suggestive concepts.

Stronger emotions tend to replace weaker ones.  Attaching a strong emotion to a suggestion tends to make the suggestion more effective.

When working with clients in the hypnosis for weight loss program we spend every session examining the client’s thinking and beliefs that are creating the current experience of excess weight or finding themselves on a plateau, then we work to transform those beliefs so they can release the weight.

How does hypnosis work to change beliefs?

I recently found an article that has the scientific research behind how the brain can change a thought or belief (it was in the weekly news digest from AlterNet, an online news site).

Brain to Change Bad Habits, Thoughts, and Feelings? Advances in psychology offer hope.

….until recently, brain researchers believed that the main problem in overcoming old conditioning was that the brain lacked any mechanism for actually erasing negative emotional learnings. The neural circuits of such learnings were known to be held together by ultradurable synapses that were believed to be immutable for the lifetime of the individual, whether animal or human.

Nature, however, turns out to be more ingenious than that. The brain does come equipped with a key to those locked synapses—and we have the resilience to become radically free of our early emotional learnings. This key became evident in 1997, when several labs began publishing reports of a brain process that hadn’t been recognized before. This process turns off a learned emotional response at its roots, not by merely suppressing it—as in a behavioral-extinction procedure—but by actually unlocking the neural connections holding it in place and then erasing it within the nervous system. Brain researchers named this process memory reconsolidation, and went on to demonstrate how it works in nematodes, snails, sea slugs, fish, crabs, honeybees, chicks, mice, rats, and humans. Remarkably, what the brain requires to unlock and erase a particular learning follows the same three-step process in all those species:

reactivating the emotional response,

unlocking the synapses maintaining it,

and then creating new learning that unlearns, rewrites, and replaces the unlocked target learning.

That is what hypnotists have been doing for many decades if not centuries.

Whatever your belief, you have the power within to change it so you can create a new productive belief that supports your goal.  Hypnosis can make that process an easier one.

Do you believe you will plateau during your weight loss program?

If it “Yes” then keep that thought in mind as you read this as well as this thought: hypnosis works to transform self-defeating beliefs so you succeed.  Contact Us.



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