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It’s Time For A New Non Smoking Strategy.

The 50th year anniversary of surgeon general’s warning regarding the harmful effects of cigarette smoking is next year in 2014 and an opportunity to reflect on the progress and to possibly define the next steps. History of Surgeon General Smoking Warning Label* The 1964 report on smoking and health had […]


Dallas Hypnosis Weight Loss Reduce 1-3 Pounds Per Week

Dallas Hypnosis Weight Loss makes reducing 1-3 pounds per week seem effortless. SV from Frisco lost 3 pounds in just three days by not eating everything on her plate at restaurants and eliminating the bread “I just didn’t care about the bread, didn’t seem to even notice it”. Hypnosis works […]


Big News: Smokers Who Quit Are Happier

Stop Smoking Hypnosis in Dallas Big News: Smokers who quit are happier. Here’s an article based on the research that states people who quit are happier. Most people avoid quitting because they are worried about how they will calm themselves, or find enjoyment in their day. Smokers Who Quit Are Happier, Study […]

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