Stress and Anxiety

Hypnosis for stress and anxiety management:

Stressed Out?

Simply stated, it is an internal response / reaction from an external situation. The internal response is both a natural effect and also a learned behavior. The external situation can be under our control and not under our control.

Example – Work deadlines are looming, you have not had a break, the boss calls and you feel your heart race and your mind go foggy, she tells you the deadline is moved up.  You get up from your desk to go vent to another employee and on the way you bump into the wall and loose it and start yelling at someone.

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As the example shows stressful situations affect the body and the mind and manifest in negative and counter productive behaviors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drug use, overeating, and also temper tantrums.

Stress affects you and those around you even your pets feel it. Hypnosis helps for stress and anxiety.

Example- You watched your father deal with anger by keeping it inside and then hitting the boiling point, his stress manifesting in slamming things: doors, brief cases on the counter, anything he was holding got slammed down. And later in life if begin to see those same behaviors in us, it is because we learned that.

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How Stress Therapy Hypnosis Program Works.


STRESSING PHYSICALLY – being in a stressed state releases chemicals (normally this is good and helps us get away from the stressor, but prolonged exposure to the chemicals results in physiological changes that can lead to increased risk of heart disease and possibly other diseases like cancer.

Reactions to stimuli (the stressor) include rapid heart beat, blood flow being diverted to the arms and legs, dryness of mouth and an overall feeling of panic. This is a genetic response that was very necessary eons ago when a saber-toothed tiger started chasing us.

But at home, at school or at work, when stress kicks in, we receive the same physiological reactions in our bodies even though we are not faced with a true life or death situation. However, we don’t burn it off by fighting or fleeing, we just sit there and our bodies are stuck in that state.

 STRESSING MENTALLY– Did you ever notice when you are stressing out you really aren’t thinking too clearly, what causes that brain fog? So the decisions we are making are really not the best.  And we tell ourselves that drinking, smoking, eating calms us or gives us a break to get clear, but those behaviors are really just the same as taking a break from the stressful event, however they are harmful and then we feel bad about doing them, creating a different type of stress.

STRESSING EMOTIONALLY – If we are talking negatively about ourselves and continue to use a substance to mask the true cause of the stress, then we can end up feeling emotional stress that we call:

  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Anxiety

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