Self Esteem Part 5

Dallas Hypnosis Program for Improving Self Esteem. Part 5

Lost Dog.
Please call if found.


So how is your new habit of getting your needs met going?  Remember it takes 30 days to build a new habit, (self care and self-healing don’t happen over night) keep it going and expand it as well. Consider adding another need for the second month. Hypnosis for self esteem is effective for staying with a new behavior.

Bringing the lost dog home

hypnosis for improving self esteemMaybe the dog ran away from home because its owners were not providing a safe environment or abusing the dog, a dog is smart enough to know it needs to get out of there.  But you really don’t want to return the dog to that owner.  Finding a new owner might be hard because the dog has developed some bad habits as a result of the abuse.  However there are lots of kind-hearted people who are furry four legged lovers that will provide the attention and patience to show this dog that he is loveable and in time, transform the dog into the fun loving, gentle animal he is (return to their true nature).

The same is true for you however you are the dog and the four-legged lover.  And retraining your self is the only way. But first you may need to separate yourself from the family that created the current situation.

The re-training includes four steps.

  1. SELF-Awareness
  2. SELF-Acceptance
  3. SELF-Responsibility
  4. SELF-Assertiveness

Self-Awareness comes from being conscious of what it is you do to create the current situation you really don’t want to be in (yes you created that). What your need is and how you are “attempting” to fill it.

Self-Acceptance is saying, “Yes I created that.”

Self-Responsibility is moving from awareness to acceptance to action. Here is a ‘check’ list that integrates the steps: (not in order of importance)

  • Create a commitment to look deeply into your self, and to be open to learning
  • Be willing to leave the family (of origin) so growth is possible
  • To understand that change is natural, what if you decided not to change from age 10 to 15 years. Did you have the same social interests and friends as when you were 10 then at age 15?
  • To recognize that as an adult you are the only one who can re-parent yourself and give yourself the things you didn’t get as a child.
  • To feel empathy for the child (you), take the child’s side (your side)
  • To see the child (you) as innocent, “you weren’t wrong to want to be loved, hugged, etc.”
  • Get in touch with your creative, spontaneous part
  • To understand it is okay to give all you need to yourself (because others can’t)
  • Be truthful and sensitive
  • To make amends to others if needed
  • To be honest with self free from guilt/resentment
  • To commit to the transformation process

Self Assertiveness is taking your new confident self out into the world and not compromising yourself for anyone or anything.

To assist you with this process, I have recording a hypnosis script that uses positive suggestions that your subconscious easily accepts as your new truth and then those new truths begin to show up in your conscious awake life experience without your conscious awareness, in other words, life changes effortlessly.

If you would like to receive this recording, you can find it on YouTube Please do not use this while driving.

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