Self Esteem Part 4

Dallas Hypnosis Program for Improving Self Esteem. Part 4

Are your Facebook “Likes” enough to raise your self-esteem?

self esteem hypnosisWhat did you notice about your awareness of your behaviors and attitudes this past week?  Did you find that maybe you were overeating or drinking too much alcohol because you were feeling badly about yourself and/or your current situation? Hypnosis for self esteem program can help.

It is important to do this from the perspective of observer and not blaming or judging yourself (that would be the next step self-acceptance),  more on that later.

In the meantime, I was wondering what our motivation is to post on Facebook, do we get a spike in our self-esteem by seeing how many ‘Likes’ we got? Probably. But those ‘Likes’ are as short-lived as the high from eating chocolate chip cookies.

True high self-esteem or self-regard comes from within and results in healthy attitudes, behaviors and success in all areas of our life. It is based on your life experiences up to this point and can be improved.

Instead you can start ‘Liking’ yourself, by the way when did you start un-liking yourself?

Last week I mentioned re-parenting ourselves.  I did it about 10 years ago, little Valerie needed to know it was okay to express her feelings, ideas and needs.  So I created a safe environment for her/me to do that.  My career changed, my relationships transformed, I met new friends, it all shifted when I shifted.


How do you re-parent yourself to raise your self esteem?

From journal you are now aware of certain behaviors and thought/feeling behind them.  There is your need that is currently not getting met.

1. Consider your unmet need.

For example the need to feel you have permission to openly express yourself without blame or shame.

2. Create a habit each day to find a way to meet that need.

For example practice expressing your ideas/needs to someone like a service person at the coffee shop, grocery, etc.  You can safely say, “I really prefer my coffee to be hotter, can you help me with that?”  Or, “There doesn’t seem to be any organic beets in the produce section and I was really craving them, can you check in the back for me?”   (This is my article and I always go for the beets).

Do that daily for a few weeks and then try it out on co-workers, supervisors, your children, friends, partner, lover, spouse, whoever.  Don’t leave out the difficult people and difficult situations.  It is important to remember that you are the only one that can reject yourself and you would never allow that to happen.

Remember to stand on your own two feet and get your needs met, there is no one else to do the work.

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