Sales Improvement

can hypnosis help meet my sales goalWhat Is Your Thought Right Now About Your Ability to Meet Your Sales Goal?

Now, take this simple test. Answer Yes or No

  • Do You Resist, Dread, Or Avoid Representing New Products Or Services?
  • Are Your Having Difficulty Meeting Reasonable Sales Goals?
  • Do You Avoid Calling On New Prospects Or Certain Existing Customers?
  • Do Sales Stall At the Negotiation Stage Or When It Is Time To Close The Sale?
  • Do You Lack Self Confidence Or Feel Overly Anxious When Talking To New Prospects?
  • Do You Often Blame The Prospect Or Other Factors For Failing To Make A Sale?

The YES answers could be an indication of SELF DEFEATING BELIEFS or COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE HABITS (BEHAVIORS), that manifest in:

  • Call reluctance
  • Avoidance
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Denial

If you answered yes hypnosis can help. READ MORE

How Hypnosis Works for Sales Improvement and Sales Performance

The sales performance training is based on the fact that everyone has underlying beliefs that can make permanent success unattainable. For instance, if someone told them at an early age they would be successful at anything, it is highly likely the subconscious thought is creating that situation. The sales training works to improve an individual’s skills in the following areas by first identifying the belief and using repetition to replace the non-productive ones beliefs with positive ones.

Sales performance training consists of:

  •             confidence
  •             organization
  •             communication
  •             concentration/memory
  •             focus
  •             negotiation skills
  •             removing barriers to growth
  •             hitting a new target
  •             call reluctance
  •             breaking out of a routine

In business you may work with or create software to perform a function, when that software is well programmed and de-bugged it works as it was designed with the desired output for the user. Over time a program becomes obsolete due to advances in technology and if that program goes along the same, you risk loosing productivity and your even your competitive advantage. Software must be continually re-designed and updated so the hard ware will run at optimum levels. Our minds are the same way.


“Valerie assisted me in imagining my goals for my new business and then aided me in overcoming the obstacles…I’m on my way. Our sessions were relaxing, exciting and most importantly, life changing.”

“helped me find the root cause of my mental block when it came to making sales calls. Not only did my sales abilities improve, other areas of my life have improved as well.  My outlook is more positive all the way around and I am visualizing my own success each and every day.”

 “enabled me to identify and bring dormant skills to assist me in improving my effectiveness in the market place.”

“I identified organizational skills as an area in need of improvement and uncovered the source of my belief in being disorganized. I now believe I am “An Organized and Skilled Sales Rep with Easy Recall of Product Information.”

“Identified the source has helped me eliminate internal obstacles. It’s a puzzle to solve, not a wall to run into.”

“Became more positive!”

“Repetition really helps embed new positive thoughts in my head.”

“My reluctance to selling has dramatically been reduced.”

“The ability to sell successfully is deeply personal.”


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