Self Esteem Part 6

Dallas Hypnosis Program for Self Esteem. Final Part

Pardon me. Have you seen my purpose?

Have you spent the majority of your adult life wondering if there is more to your life, have asked ‘what is my purpose,’ or do you feel like your actions are not congruent with how you wish to be? Hypnosis for Self Esteem can help find your purpose.

how to stop depressionI want you to know it isn’t necessarily that you don’t have one but rather due to the effects of low self-esteem your purpose has perhaps evaded you. If that fits, would you like to reconnect to it?

I believe your purpose has always been there, and now that you have begun to make some important behavior changes to lift your esteem the connection is easier than you think.

Speaking of thinking, it really has nothing to do with that, except to think, “I want to connect to my purpose.”  From there it is the subconscious mind that goes to work to create images, concepts, sensations, etc. of your imagined purpose then and those roll out into your outer awake life experience.  Those images, concepts and such that you expose yourself to that is.

Here is where it gets a little complicated and entire books are written about this, so I really can’t cover the way to do that here, but I can say that once you are completely integrated then your purpose is automatic, easy, and effortless because you are allowing it to occur, nothing is forced, you don’t have to try to make it happen.

It is like Maxwell Maltz the author of Psycho Cybernetics and his description of the subconscious mind as a servo-mechanism, either on the continuous positive or negative track.

“Allowing it to happen’ are the words most get hung up on.  We discount the possibility by assuming that sounds too easy.

One of the imprints (beliefs) I had was that it had to be hard, ‘work was hard’, ‘you had to work hard for money.’  However when I find that I am working hard, it is something I am forcing.  I find myself thinking ‘I’ve got to get to my office and make something happen today.’

Now this is not to say I don’t get up each day and create business and marketing plans, develop new programs, see clients, and take care of administrative details – most of my “work” days are 10-12 hours long.  But, it is not something I am trying to make happen. It is a natural ability that flows out of me because of my allowing my original intention and purpose to be a part of me. For years I made it hard, but today it is naturally occurring.

Read this next sentence very closely.

You are here to bring joy into someone’s life, to improve our natural world, to create jobs for people, to develop a new product, to write an inspirational book, to teach, to preach we all have gifts, it is time to connect to them, our world needs everyone fully present and actively participating in creating joy, fulfillment, health, and satisfaction in our lives—to being “on purpose.”

Hypnosis sessions that assist you in connecting to your purpose and removing blocks that could get in the way are discounted to $700 for 4 sessions, a $75 savings.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel purposeful? I wonder what would change.

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