outlook on health

80% of health problems are preventable, and rapid improvement in one’s health can be made when we engage our minds.

Prevention and Cure: These are the two elements that result in great health and the mind is a part of both.


There are many articles about the prevention of disease and illness so I’m not going to talk about that.   Except to state that when (not if) you decide you want to change your current health status, then, a change in your current lifestyle/behavior must occur.  If you want behavior change, hypnosis can speed up the process and make it a habit.  Many people I talk to have a “who is going to rescue me?” mentality and therefore I can’t help them (hate turning business away).  But if that person takes responsibility for the behavior, we can build on that exponentially.  Take responsibility and make health a priority that is how we turn our current poor health situation around.


“I have Diabetes”.

“I have cancer”.

“I have high blood pressure”.

The above are statements of ownership.  Is a disease something you really want to own?

Notice the difference in this wording.

“I am experiencing diabetes”.

“Cancer has been detected in my body”.

“My blood pressure is currently high”.

All of those above statements classify the disease as a temporary experience and therefore not making it a part of the person.  Someone very successful and famous once said:

“If it is to be, it is up to me”. Remember when I stated above about taking responsibility?

Your body knows how to heal and it does so from the inside out.  Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, the president of Parker Chiropractic College knows this very well and when he gives his talks he challenges his audience to “connect to their own inner intelligence.”

How do you do that?

The answer is to slow down.

Our clients with “A Mind Detox” which helps to examine the equation thought + feeling = behavior, once we have that awareness we work to discover the original source of the thought, and change the thought which creates a new feeling which creates a new action or behavior.

This method works to improve the following by creating a healthy new outlook:

  • Reoccuring Pain
  • Overweight / Excess Weight
  • Smoking / Tobacco
  • Problems with Sleep

A healthy outlook starts by what you tell ourselves.  You can start the process with these affirmations.

  • I am making a transition to a new, healthy, vibrant life.
  • I feel myself getting healthier each day.
  • I am feeling completely renewed from the inside, out.
  • I love myself and I love my body, so I treat it with respect and honor.
  • My mind and body work together as a team.
  • I am in control. And I love all the positive outcomes.