Hypnosis for Hospice Patients

Hypnosis is such a gentle way to help those crossing over to release guilt or regret – to make amends.

And to prepare them spiritually for the journey (using their faith) from this life into the afterlife.

Hypnosis aids in relaxation, sleep improvement, pain reduction so the last weeks, days, hours are an expression of their life and beautiful spirit, so that death is a more like a re-birth.

Our hypnotist can also help support the family members to let go and also to work through their own regrets.

Some of the issues to be addressed are (1) completing unfinished business with family, friends and co-workers; (2) asking for forgiveness and self-forgiveness for any perceived wrong-doings; (3) releasing pent-up emotions that may be locked in the body; (4) releasing attachments that may be preventing them from letting go of life on earth; (6) reconnecting disowned parts of themselves including their soul; and (7) developing or maintaining a strong spiritual connection.

The LA Times reports that end-of-life patients are receiving more than just drugs these days. Hospice teams in Florida combine traditional treatment with “more humane” therapies like music, massage, art therapy, healing touch and hypnotherapy to relieve pain, anxiety and depression. “It brings me back to memories of when I was a younger guy,” 98-year-old Bernard Michels tells the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Little by little, this trend is catching on from Florida to California, as hospices add hypnotists, therapists and masseuses to their payrolls.
The Flow Center has partnered with Angel Care Hospice in the Dallas metroplex. Hypnosis CD recordings are available as an introduction to the patient. Contact Valerie Grimes at 972-974-2094; or Bill Pettigrew of Angel Hospice at 972-301-5600.