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5 Tips To Reduce Holiday Stress

Reduce Holiday Stress: Hypnotist shares 5 secrets to a peaceful and joyful holiday season What holiday event triggers an unhealthy behavior in you? Worries about finances, how you’ll afford gifts for your kids? Being invited to party after party and tempted with alcohol and dessert spreads? What[Read More...]

Dealing with Holiday Stress

Hypnotist shares ideas that can help you in Dealing with Holiday Stress I saw Christmas lights in my neighborhood, but it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving and instead of thinking, ahhh isn’t that pretty, I thought, “darn, it is the holidays again,” and felt a tightening in my belly. Admit it, you[Read More...]

Exploring Your Sexual Side Subconsciously

Hypnosis to find out what your subconscious knows about your vital sexual power? Part of the Subconscious Journey Series from Hypnotist Valerie Grimes Disconnection from your sexual power manifests in Unhappiness, addictions, negative relationship patterns, Poor self-esteem, lo[Read More...]

Hypnosis-Drop Sadness; Pick Up Happiness

Hypnosis Helps To Drop Sadness and Pick Up Happiness It's the Healthy Alternative To Feeling Better Again About Life. When we are feeling sad it is “natural” to want to be alone. Sadness is a normal human emotion and isolation can follow and can be a healing time to “regroup.” But isolating too lo[Read More...]

Hypnosis For Quit Smoking

STUDIES PROVE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF HYPNOSIS FOR SMOKING CESSATION Is it time to “Break Up” With An Old Friend? That cig? Quitting smoking is an easy decision but carrying out that decision relies on the subconscious and its programing. I read an article The University of Texas at Dallas emplo[Read More...]

Hypnosis for Stress Management

Did you know Hypnosis Creates New Response to Life Stressors? How To Create A New Calm, Clear And Focused You It's August and it is HOT in Texas.... You are at your boiling point?   You just want it all to stop? You just want to escape? You just want to feel peaceful? You ju[Read More...]

Hypnosis Increases Self Esteem

Did You Know Hypnosis Increases Self Esteem to Realize Your Full Potential? All too often we find ourselves locked into a set of habits and behaviors that are not representative of whom we really are. We let external sources determine our path and set our goals. We are not our true selves. Our self[Read More...]

How Hypnosis Breaks Through Resistance

Why We Resist What’s Good for Us and How Hypnosis Helps Us Break Through. It just might be time to embark on a self-improvement journey. Maybe join a gym, take some art classes, or go back to school. But you don’t. For example, let’s say you want to join a yoga class, but, you hear a voice say, [Read More...]

Hypnosis a Natural Remedy for Sleeping

Have you been searching online: How Can I Fall Asleep? Why Am I Not Able To Sleep? Search No More Hypnosis is a Natural Remedy Sleep is the most natural thing we do besides breathing, however due to the modern world we have created it is becoming increasingly difficult to get regular deep and l[Read More...]

Change Your Relationship With Food and Lose Weight

Hypnosis Helps You Change Your Relationship With Food and Lose Weight Here's how that works: You know how when you have a relationship that has gone south and you are sooooo ready to end it.  We can create a state where you feel the same way about food.  To really be done with those starchy, sugar[Read More...]

Hypnosis Calms Anxiety In The Modern World

HAS THE MODERN WORLD LEFT YOU FEELING ANXIOUS?  Is It All The Technology? Hypnosis can calm anxiety. “The reason we know smart phones and other technology makes people anxious is a trend we are seeing with our clients,” stated Valerie Grimes, director at The Flow Center for Hypnosis in Dallas. She [Read More...]

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Hypnosis Supports Your Desire Not to Drink Alcohol. Or To Drink In Moderation Not in Excess. Does Hypnosis Work for Alcoholism Addiction? Like many forms of alcoholism addiction treatment the success of hypnosis ultimately lies with the patient. In other words, if they believe it will work and a[Read More...]

Hypnosis To Break Through Obstacles

BREAK THROUGH ANY OBSTACLE AND REALIZE YOUR GOAL WITH HYPNOSIS. Two Minds are Better Than One.  You Need Both Your Conscious Mind and Your Subconscious Mind to Realize Your Goals. Hypnosis easily brings these two parts of mind together. The program is designed to encourage and support you[Read More...]

Hypnosis Programs - Flow In Life

DO YOU FEEL YOU ARE SWIMMING UPSTREAM? Hypnosis Helps Get Life Flowing Again. You have natural abilities and confidence to accomplish your goals. It might be weak or hidden, but hypnosis can reintroduce you to that side of you. If you feel you are swimming upstream or feel stuck in life, The Flo[Read More...]

How To Have Holiday Mindfulness.

Create A True Silent Night And Enjoy The Benefits Of A  More Mindful Holiday. by Valerie Grimes, Hypnotist Here is what you do: Select an evening this holiday season and then turn off music, TVs, phones, etc and enjoy the sounds of silence with your family, pets or individually. Benefits- [Read More...]