Alcohol Dependency

hypnosis for alcoholHypnosis Program for Ending Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence

Are you thinking “Will I drink too much again tonight.”

If you are asking this then you are at a crossroads, that is a good thing as there is a choice in that moment.  One direction leads to drinking more alcohol, you know what happens and how that feels because you have made that choice many times before.

alcohol addiction recovery dallasThe other direction leads to freedom, power and control.  And you haven’t made this choice in the past. Perhaps you don’t remember how that feels to be in control. We help you go down this path, easily. How Hypnosis Works for obtaining a status of sobriety or being in control of whether you drink or not.

My initial goal with you was to stop drinking beer…you assisted me in releasing a lot of anger that I carried inside.  I did not have a clue to what was bothering me but you helped me find it and more importantly release it. Dan – Carrollton, Tx

WE SPECIALIZE IN RELAPSE PREVENTION and how to stop drinking alcohol.

alcohol addiction recovery dallasThis program gets to the underlying causes of the alcohol dependency so you can release the need to drink.


Freedom from guilt, shame and blame.

Personal control to improve relationships, get your career back on track, improve your financial condition, reclaim your health…everything that was put on hold to use the substance.

Are You Ready To Get Your Life Flowing Again?

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