Hypnosis for Virtual Gastric Band

Hypnosis for Virtual Gastric Band Helps Client Lose Weight Effortlessly See how Sheila Granger’s Hypnosis Virtual Gastric Band can work for you. By Bridget Coughlin, CH Are you thinking about how you will maintain or even lose weight easily and effortlessly during this upcoming holiday season? If you are, I’ve […]

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Heal Your Relationship with Hypnosis

Is there an elephant in the room? How to heal your relationship with hypnosis. Trainers domesticate baby elephants by chaining them. The small animal is staked in a corner. At first, the animal puts all its efforts into breaking free. Soon the elephant realizes he/she can only move so far […]


Hypnosis for Sugar Cravings and Binges

Do you have daily temptations to binge on sugar? Hypnosis may help. Have you tried dieting, more exercise, cleaning out the pantry only to be back in the old pattern of eating too many sugary treats, even when you had planned to not do so? Please don’t beat yourself up.  […]

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Athletes Get a Game Day Boost with Hypnosis.

Need a Game Day boost? By Bridget Coughlin, CH Consulting Hypnotist At The Flow Center To You Feel Like You Need a Game Day Boost? Well you aren’t alone! Celebrity athletes and performers alike utilize hypnosis as an effective tool to get the most out of their abilities. Some names […]


Turn Cravings Into Therapy to Stop Emotional Eating.

Hypnosis works to examine a carving and find its true source. What are you craving? We say that a lot, “I’m really craving this or that”. There is a signal that indicates a need for food or a substance to satisfy us and when we give into that, we set […]


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Meet Bridget

Meet Bridget M. Coughlin, CH Hypnotist at The Flow Center Bridget is a graduate of Dallas Hypnosis and is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.  She is a certified specialist in Hypnosis and Sports Performance from the AHA, has advanced training and certification in 5-Path® and is a certified 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis Teacher. She decided […]


Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

An update from a client after her Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Session 30 day update says, so far so good. “I am doing great, I haven’t had a single cigarette since the 28th!  [30 days since appointment] I know that when it gets close to the one month mark, things may […]

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Hypnosis Helps A Bad Mood

Client noticing positive changes to his mood after first hypnosis session. How Hypnosis in Dallas can help you bust through your bad mood. “…what I’ve been experiencing since our session: it’s been rather positive for the most part. The old bad habits are still there to an extent, but I’m […]