Are You Doing Something You Are Good At?

For Happiness It Is Necessary to Do Something You Are Good At? What do you really, really like to do? Is it because when you do it, it makes you happy? And is that because you are good at it?   Do we purposefully do something to “make” us happy, or do we just gravitate […]

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Bust Through Your Bad Mood.

Being grateful can lift you out of a bad mood like a magic pill. Why is that? Well it is simple brain chemistry; the chemical response in the brain to a thought or emotion. Being grateful when you feel badly isn’t easy, easy solutions never are. They seem ‘too easy’ and we as humans are […]


Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs With Hypnosis

Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs With Hypnosis So You Can Easily Move Forward Towards Your Goal. Beliefs also called Imprints often stop us in our tracks even though our conscious intention is otherwise. Need to stop a counter productive behavior? Want to be free to move forward with a project or a new career? Your beliefs […]

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What is Hypnosis?

DALLAS HYPNOTIST EXPLAINS HOW HYPNOSIS WORKS. By Valerie Grimes, Dallas Hypnotist   What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear hypnosis? If you said, “are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?” I’d like to collect a nickel from you the next time we meet. Welcome to an introduction […]


Healthy Eating Tip #35

Consider eating with the seasons. By Tuning Into Your Natural Instincts Strawberries are around in the groceries stores all year. But are we really meant to eat and enjoy them all year? Think about the weather where you live. Would it be conducive to strawberry production? Perhaps there is a natural health reason those strawberries […]



Could Being Kinder Make You Happier?

Be Kinder. Be Happier. Decades ago when my kids were in school I saw blue and white ‘BE KIND’ street signs placed through out the city of Irving. It actually surprised me the first time I saw them. I called the city’s office and was told the Mayor at the time, Morris Parrish, (deceased 2009) […]


Could Anticipation Make Me Feel Happier?

Remember the feeling of being a child and anticipating the end of the school day, the start of a weekend, or an upcoming holiday? Just think of that brings up some feelings from past anticipation and yes that does create a lighter, happier feeling.   I like to think of that as Excited Anticipation. And, […]

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Express What You Need For More Happiness.

Maybe, just maybe you are not as happy as you could be because you are not expressing what you need to say? Hypnotist Valerie Grimes offers an easy solution. Writing It Out. Writing is an excellent way to VENT the frustrations of the day and especially great if you do this before bed each night, […]