Hypnotist In Dallas Also Cuddles.

Reach out and really touch someone. I am a professional cuddler now. In addition to being a hypnotist in Dallas. Have you heard of those? Professional Cuddlers? It really makes sense. Recently I began working with a very sick man, making home visits to do hypnotherapy for pain management, sleeping […]

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Hypnosis in Dallas for Sadness

Hypnosis in Dallas for Sadness from Rain Madness. Are you sad? Are you wet? Do you have a hypnotist? Geez, even the water goddess (me) is tired of the rains of May 2015. There is such a thing as balance: too much (flood) or too little (drought) of something (rain) […]


Forgiveness. Happiness With Hypnosis.

Really?  Most People Want to  Skip Forgiveness And Get To Where Life Is Happy. Forgive Your Way To Happiness With Hypnosis. When clients visit me for a hypnosis session, it is usually after they have tried many other methods to relieve their emotional pain and is now ready to work […]

hypnosis for sadness


Squatting is the New Sitting.

Remember the term you don’t know Jack Squat? Well bet you also didn’t know squatting is much much more healthier for you than sitting, here’s why: -Increased flexibility -greater range of motion in the hips, knees, ankles -spinal relief and spinal decompression -core activation and strengthening -teaches the muscles, tendons, […]


In Control Happy. Not in Control Unhappy.

Decide which event in your life is in which category and be happier. Hypnosis Helps You Control Happiness. There are things we can control and things we can’t control. I think it is easier for us to have lists and when something we are experiencing one of the difficult things […]

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Perspective Shifting For Instant Happiness.

If You Are Not Happy, Look At The Other Side of Things. Let’s say you decided to go to the park for a much need walk and some fresh air, but when you arrived the grounds crew was there mowing and using those “handy” leaf blowers. You have a choice, […]


Hypnosis to Change Eating Behavior

You can use hypnosis to change your eating behavior and stop cleaning your plate. Many of my clients belong to the “clean plate club” inducted unwillingly as elementary school children. And to this day continue to carry out that expectation EVEN IF they are no longer hungry. So how do […]



Not Happy? Go Outside.

When we are not happy we are out of balance, but going outside brings us back into balance and therefore, happier.  Here’s How: If we are out of balance we can relax in the knowing that nature isn’t.  It naturally has a balancing tendency.  There is also great intentionality in […]