Quick and Doable Tip #23 to Reduce Stress

How to Reduce Stress, Quickly. It is right or wrong? Hot or cold? Safe or unsafe? Love or Hate? Labeling is dualistic thinking, dualistic thinking is thinking there is always an opposite to something and that you have to be one or the other, non dualistic thinking removes that idea and considers what it would […]

Stress Relief with Hypnosis

hypnosis for sleep improvement

How to Improve Your Sleep, Tip #22

Do you need to sleep better at night? Tip #22 offers you a quick and doable way to sleep better. Back in the olden days, it was dark and quiet at night. Now it isn’t and that interferes with our natural sleep pattern. Good sleep hygiene is not having any electronic devices in your bedroom. […]


How to Reconnect to Your Natural Instincts.

Is Your Inner Compass Set? Presenter – Valerie Grimes, Certified Clinical Hypnotist La Cima Club Networking Event Thursday, September 18, 2014 7:15 – 8:45 am Technology has us out of touch with our internal guidance system. For example, GPS has caused us to stop thinking through a trip but rather mindlessly responding to voice commands […]


Your Thinking Can Help With Stress Relief- Tip #21

How you think about things can stress you out. You know the ones….. those people that talk, talk, talk about others and stuff that is wrong in their life and when they leave you feel like collapsing. That is because that negative stuff changes your vibe. But if you are the person doing that, you’re […]


Quick and Doable Tip #20 for Stress

In my book 50 ways to look great at 50, I list ART and MUSIC as ways to keep you young and healthy. But they are also great stress relievers. As adults we naturally gravitate to the “adult” stress relievers like booze and smokes. As children loved to sing, dance or color, life was carefree. […]

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Hypnosis Effective for Exam Stress, Study Says

Hypnotherapy and test anxiety: Two cognitive-behavioral constructs: The effects of hypnosis in reducing test anxiety and improving academic achievement in college students. Here is a link to the actual study that shows hypnosis is effective for exam stress. Results: There was a decrease in test anxiety and improvements in achievement for the hypnosis group. The […]


Hypnosis Effective for Bruxism, Study Says

Here is a study of how hypnosis assisted a woman with nocturnal bruxism. Understanding change: five-year follow-up of brief hypnotic treatment of chronic bruxism A link to the actual study of how hypnosis was used to effectively overcome bruxism. Results: A woman with a 60-year history of bruxism became symptom-free using hypnosis. This case demonstrates […]


Hypnosis Effective For Anti-Aging Study Says

Stress Reducing Regulative Effects of Integrated Mental Training With Self-Hypnosis on the Secretion of Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEA-S) and Cortisol in Plasma: A Pilot Study Results: At the end of the study it was shown that the hypnosis group had increased their DHEA-S levels by 16% and reduced their cortisol levels by 12.3% when compared to […]