Tip 29 Hypnotize Yourself Into Eating Healthy.


Maintain your weight over the holidays with self hypnosis.

This holiday season consider the 2 bite limit.

The first bite tastes just like the last so not sure what all those ones in the middle are for.

And we all know that saying no to sweets is not realistic. Allow yourself 2 bites of something from time to time and savor each bite as if it were a beautiful gift.

I’m planning to have my mother’s homemade pumpkin pie which is absolutely a beautiful gift of her love.

Actually when we eat something from that perspective our intention shifts. The desert becomes a symbol or ritual. And savoring each bite and feeling the love, how can it be “bad” for us.

If we make something Bad it is Bad for us. Two bites of love on Thanksgiving Day will bring joy to your day!  So here is the self hypnosis, remember your intention and then before you have your desert you make this statement. Two bites of love is all the sweet I need.

Tip 29 For Curbing Sweets During Holidays

Your new statement: Two bites of love is all the sweet I need.

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