Tip 27 Hypnosis For Goal Realization 2

Two Great Minds are Better Than One

And you need both along with hypnosis for goal realization.

You have two great minds: Your conscious mind and your subconscious mind and they are both great.

BUT the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between helpful information and destructive information.

However it does know the difference between knowns and unknowns. And your subconscious doesn’t like unknowns. And here is a frightening thought, it bases your future on what you have done in the past, the knowns. It is like the Groundhog Day movie, our experiences predicts our next day, it keeps us in the known range, or it can seem like we are stuck and we are.

Hypnosis helps to break out of that by creating a preference for the Unknown using the imagination.

Take for example a sales goal that is double from this year for next year. That is an unknown and so you may find yourself limited, however in hypnosis sessions you become more and more comfortable and familiar with the imagery or feelings associated with your exceeding that goal. The subconscious also doesn’t now the difference between real and imagination.

Tip 27 Hypnosis For Goal Realization

Consider focusing on the UnKnowns

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