The Diet is Dead: Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Dallas

Diets are Dead, Diets Don’t Work: Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Dallas works.

Diets don’t teach us much except that we don’t like to be deprived and feel hungry – and that they don’t work.

A diet is perceived to be a chore we must do to lose weight. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced that after dieting, the lost weight often comes back.  Normally this return of unwanted pounds is due to a return to old eating patterns that are not addressed in the course of a new diet.

This discouraging pattern of weight loss and weight gain has negative consequences. We already suffer from poor body image and from the experience of another failure, both compounding the original problem.

Also diets also don’t address our triggers that cause us to get up in the middle of the night and eat, or to eat too much, or to eat the wrong things.

Have you tried to lose weight and failed?  Try Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Dallas

You are not alone.  Most people try dieting and exercise programs each year but then quit and go back to their old patterns. Why is that?

Behavior change is a complex undertaking.  It happens in the mind, not in the diet guidelines or mobile APP for calorie counting.  There are six elements to assess when embarking on PERMANENT personal change that ‘being on a diet’ just doesn’t address:

Six Elements for Permanent Personal Change, Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Dallas Offers These Elements.

  1. Your belief about your ability to make a change, permanently
  2. Your desire and motivation to get there and stay there
  3. Removing self sabotage so you get there
  4. Focus on your future vision so you can see where you are going
  5. Monitor and correct negative self talk so your talk matches your walk
  6. Remove associations and identifications so it is just a lot easier to get there

1. Belief about ability to reach your weight goal, permanently

Your deep, inner belief about ability to reach your weight goal must match your conscious intention to do so. So if you don’t really believe it will work based on the past, then it won’t. BELIEVE it and RECEIVE it.

2. Have a strong desire – what is the motivation?

Consider the outcome of getting to your goal.  If it just to lose weight then once you have achieved your goal, the “I’ve arrived” mindset leads you back to where you started, however if your goal is to feel terrific and have loose fitting pants and be able to jog around the park then that is something you can sink your teeth into.

3. Eliminate self-sabotage

  • Do you use food to comfort yourself?
  • Do you use food to reward yourself?
  • Do you use food to punish yourself?

If so, you may have a ‘part’ of you that is trying to get a need met by engaging in a behavior with potentially negative consequences. So when you try to diet, that part will not cooperate. It isn’t the your lack of will power but rather the inability to get a need met in a way that is supportive and healthy. This part of you feels like self-sabotage and it is. It is really about finding new way to get a need met like perhaps to feel safe but now the mind/body thinks being overweight solves that.

4. Create a future vision of yourself

In order to reach your goal TO BE TRIMMER you must first SEE IT/FEEL IT as already happened. Using your imagination seeing, feeling, experiencing the life you want the mind believes it is already happening to you.

5. Monitor self-talk and change to match future vision

Here are some examples of negative SELF TALK (these are expressions of your belief system):

  • My mother never kept it off, she would lose and gain 15 pounds all her life.
  • My metabolism is low—I don’t burn the foods I eat.
  • Exercise is boring.
  • I’m over 50, so I’ll just except that I can be overweight.

Now here are some examples of positive SELF TALK:

  • I have decided to be in control, to feel powerful.
  • I’m fit and healthy at any age.
  • When I decide to be my ideal size and shape, it is my decision and no one else or their history affects my ability to reach my goal.
  • I am discovering new creative ways to exercise that feel good and are fun.

6. Identification and association

We all want to be accepted, funny, well liked, clever, etc. so if in grade school we were the class clown and also a little overweight we may feel our weight makes us funny, or we might identify the weight with being funny.

Or, in junior high or high school we were the larger more muscular kid and always picked for the football team because of our size, we may identify our popularity with being larger than the other kids.

Disconnect any identification/association with past patterns of weight gain or other ideas that may not be true such as thinking it is okay to gain weight due to your age or other family members status, etc.

So perhaps now you can see that the Diet is Dead. When all of these 6 elements for permanent behavior change are implemented, the result is that you naturally return to your inborn instincts to eat the right foods in the right amount and at the right time.

For people who weigh every day.

When you step on the scale and see the same number or reading each day you are registering that number in your mind, your mind and body agree, “Yes, that is what I weigh.”

I recommend weighing only every 30 days or better yet, gauging your success by the new hole you made in your belt or the fact that you can pull your pants down without undoing them!

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Diets are Dead, Diets Don’t Work: Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Dallas works.



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