The 5th and final Secret: Create a Stress Less Silent Night

The 5th and final Secret: How to Transform Any Night this Season into a Silent Night. How To Deal With Holiday Stress.

What would it be like to turn off music, TVs, phones, computers and the like and enjoy the sounds of silence?

Hypnotist Shows How To Create a True Silent Night in your home this season to deal with holiday stress. Here is how:

  1. Pick a night the week.
  2. Pick a time, 7-8 pm or 8 to 9 pm would be preferred
  3. Turn off all electronic devices.
  4. Decide beforehand what you will do during this period of silence.

Benefits of a True Silent Night

  • Loose the accumulated stress.
  • Prepare your mind for the spiritual aspect of the holiday.
  • Show love and gratitude for your home and family.
  • Start a new tradition.
  • Teach your children, family members how to be creative.

Ideas for activities for people with family members

  • Play the silent game.
  • Notice when you begin to feel uncomfortable; create a hand signal so others in the family will understand how you feel and they can respond with the same signal when they feel that way.
  • Acknowledge those we love through touch and eye contact only.
  • Light a candle for each participant or pet.
  • Write what you are grateful for and place under the tree or menorah.
  • Have your children think up ideas beforehand, make sure they offer a benefit for the activity.

Ideas for activities for people with pets

  • Sit stroking your pet and sending thoughts of love and good health
  • Draw a picture of your pet, noting its most unique feature or personality trait.
  • Think about what your pet teaches you.
  • Notice how your pet experiences various feeling sensations.

Ideas for individual activities

  • Create a special space or altar and adorn with photos, candles, religious figures
  • Journal about your feelings during the one-hour period.
  • Enjoy your favorite meal (with awareness)
  • Do yoga or breathing exercises.
  • Make a holiday decoration just for you!

The 5th and final Secret: How to Transform Any Night this Season into a Silent Night. How to Deal With Holiday Stress.

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