How Hypnosis Helped These Clients


Valerie has helped me open doors to my personal and professional life that I never thought possible. Her positive outlook and outpouring of support is brilliant. SUMMER G – DALLAS


Valerie helped me knock down some mental roadblocks to achieve several different goals. I enjoy learning about myself each visit with hypnosis for personal growth. Hypnosis is the most relaxing experience, and you wake up recharged and energized. BARRY R – GARLAND


Thanks so much!  It truly was a very rewarding personal growth hypnosis session.  I feel the transformation taking place already.  I saw myself leaving the experience relaxed yet energized and that carried over into today.  I can’t wait to see the continued progress. TRACY S – DALLAS


With hypnosis for personal growth, I woke up with a renewed sense of calmness and I have not had any nervous energy incidents since our session. I’m really looking forward to continuing with this to cleanse my mind on an ongoing basis. It’s like re-booting a computer. STEVEN P—HURST


Valerie is an individual who is truly concerned about her clients. Valerie has the innate ability to come along side of her clients and uncovering opportunities for individual growth both personally and professionally. With hypnosis for personal growth, I have been able to harness my own potential and now have that potential working for me and not against me. MARGARET W – PLANO


“It, (the sessions) has helped me look at my life and future in a much more positive way, enabling me to be less dependent on alcohol as a sedative and stress reducer.  The sessions have also enabled me to remove some emotional baggage that was also effecting my need to alcohol. ROBERT A – DALLAS


I haven’t had ONE cigarette or even the slightest URGE for a cigarette since leaving your office now 10 days ago.

And I don’t anticipate anything getting in the way of my breakthrough/progress/momentum! I feel 1000% better and stronger mentally & physically every day and I cannot thank you enough.

Just thought I’d pass along the good news/word and thank you again for helping me make such a positive change in my life! DANIELLE H – DALLAS



Before I started seeing Valerie, was having debilitating tension headaches that prescription medication helped only slightly. At the least provocation or stressful situation, I would get a headache. I had been having headaches for about 8 years. I knew I needed to learn to relax. After only two sessions and two months of listening to the hypnosis recordings, I have cut my medication down by 3/4th. My headaches are nearly gone and I can’t thank The Flow Center enough. DEE S – DALLAS


I feel more positive than I have since moving to Dallas.   With the tools I learned with my sessions with you, have brought me to the place I wanted to be. I think not only have my thoughts, attitude and conscientiousness about alcohol have changed, my brain chemistry has finally changed.  I had so much to “let go of,” and it happened with your support! BARB – DALLAS


I feel more confident and am able to control my bad eating.I realize that working through my issues in a realistic time frame creates a more peaceful life moving forward, one that flows rather than bogging down at every turn.   MARILYN – ROCKWALL


Moved my worry from 7-8 to 4-5 after first session, also realized I have not been overeating as much, didn’t realize that my worry about tests was cause me to overeat. The session was surprisingly relaxing and I have feelings of being strong, confident and successful test taker.” NATALIE S – DALLAS


Valerie introduced me to the value of hypnosis. I admit I was a skeptic about the process, but she gently helped me through the process. I found that I not only solved my problem with her help, but I have a much more optimistic view of how to solve problems using Valerie’s advice. She is a trusted adviser and a great mind coach. MICHAEL H – FRISCO


“YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! What a great session yesterday. Thank you for helping me define respect – respect for myself, respect for money, respect for my “things” …and most of all helping me find my “inner child” and introducing her to my ‘adult self’!” AMY Z – DALLAS

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