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How Smiling At People Relieves Stress

Valerie Grimes, Hypnotist Presents Tip 25 for Dissolving Stress. You know how darling kids are when they smile and wave at you? And then you smile? Have you noticed that you immediately feel better? Why is this? In 1989, a psychologist named Robert Zajonc published one of the most significant […]


Your Thinking Can Help With Stress Relief- Tip #21

How you think about things can stress you out. You know the ones….. those people that talk, talk, talk about others and stuff that is wrong in their life and when they leave you feel like collapsing. That is because that negative stuff changes your vibe. But if you are […]


Quick and Doable Tip #20 for Stress

In my book 50 ways to look great at 50, I list ART and MUSIC as ways to keep you young and healthy. But they are also great stress relievers. As adults we naturally gravitate to the “adult” stress relievers like booze and smokes. As children loved to sing, dance […]


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Hypnosis For Relaxation

Hypnosis for relaxation is the best natural stress relieving technique. I see a great deal of clients who are on blood pressure medication and that are also enrolled in our stress management program.  So I was wondering about the connection between stress and high blood pressure. Reading on several online medical […]


Stress Relief Hypnotherapy in Dallas

Stress Relief Hypnotherapy in Dallas  teaches you how respond, not react! When our automatic response to an event results from a clear mental attitude and relaxed body, we can see things clearly and make logical decisions. However, reactions to stressful situations may create a mental fog-like confusion. Doubt and frustration […]

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Hypnosis for Stress.

Are you experiencing the physical and emotional responses to these issues? challenging jobs with a punishing workload intense demands and tight deadlines illness family schedules bills/financial matters How Would Your Life Improve If You Could Manage the Stressors in Your Life? Here is what these clients sad about hypnosis for […]