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5 Tips To Reduce Holiday Stress

Reduce Holiday Stress: Hypnotist shares 5 secrets to a peaceful and joyful holiday season What holiday event triggers an unhealthy behavior in you? Worries about finances, how you’ll afford gifts for your kids? Being invited to party after party and tempted with alcohol and dessert spreads? What about the thought […]

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Dealing with Holiday Stress

Hypnotist shares ideas that can help you in Dealing with Holiday Stress I saw Christmas lights in my neighborhood, but it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving and instead of thinking, ahhh isn’t that pretty, I thought, “darn, it is the holidays again,” and felt a tightening in my belly. Admit […]


How To Have Holiday Mindfulness.

Create A True Silent Night And Enjoy The Benefits Of A  More Mindful Holiday. by Valerie Grimes, Hypnotist Here is what you do: Select an evening this holiday season and then turn off music, TVs, phones, etc and enjoy the sounds of silence with your family, pets or individually. Benefits- […]