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Hypnotist In Dallas Also Cuddles.

Reach out and really touch someone. I am a professional cuddler now. In addition to being a hypnotist in Dallas. Have you heard of those? Professional Cuddlers? It really makes sense. Recently I began working with a very sick man, making home visits to do hypnotherapy for pain management, sleeping […]

Valerie Grimes Hypnotist in Dallas

Does Hypnosis Make You Cluck Like A Chicken

Hypnotist Wants Hypnosis To Go Mainstream in Dallas.

“As a hypnotist I hear the question, ‘Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?’ quite often. I can thank the stage shows for that,” suggests Valerie Grimes, Certified Clinical Hypnotist.   She is a Dallas native and ex ad agency president but is now running a company […]


The Importance of Having a High Self-Esteem

Maintaining a Healthy Self-Esteem Self-esteem can be defined as the confidence or overall evaluation as person has on his or her worth. Maintaining a healthy self-esteem is very beneficial to a person’s health. Better Stability With a healthy self-esteem, your life becomes less of an emotional rollercoaster. You are able […]


Stress Management 101: Identifying and Controlling Stress

Learn to Manage Stress It’s not uncommon for a person to experience stress, but too much stress is harmful to your overall health. Stress management is necessary to avoid feeling overwhelmed and for taking control of your life. Identifying the Cause The first thing to do is identify the cause […]


Hypnosis Effective For Anti-Aging Study Says

Stress Reducing Regulative Effects of Integrated Mental Training With Self-Hypnosis on the Secretion of Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEA-S) and Cortisol in Plasma: A Pilot Study Results: At the end of the study it was shown that the hypnosis group had increased their DHEA-S levels by 16% and reduced their cortisol levels […]


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Could you hypnotist me to like fruits and vegetables?

If fruits and vegetables help you lose weight, could you hypnotist me to like fruits and vegetables? There is a wonderful new program in New York City where doctors are prescribing fruits and vegetables to obese or overweight patients. Here is an excerpt on the article as it appeared on […]


Dallas Hypnosis Weight Loss and Plateaus

Dallas Hypnosis Weight Loss and Plateaus, We Help You Get Off the Plateau and Continue Weight Loss. After losing weight for several months consecutively, you may plateau on the scale for a few weeks.  Has this happened to you? If so, this does not mean that you are not still […]

Dallas Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

How to Undo Your Addiction to Junk Food and Lose Weight.

Hypnosis is how to undo your addiction to junk food so you can lose weight. They say food companies have proven formulas that keep us hooked on junk food. Michael Moss author of Salt, Sugar and Fat was recently interviewed on THINK, the radio program on KERA 90.1 hosted by […]



HYPNOTISTS CAN’T SAY THEY CAN HEAL, BUT WE CAN SAY WE REMOVE THE BLOCKS TO HEALING. Dr. Nathaniel Branden in his 1972 book The Disowned Self states: “A person is mentally healthy to the extent that the functioning of his consciousness is unimpeded by blocks; he is mentally unhealthy to […]


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Baby Ducks Imprint with Their Mothers…

And Baby Humans Imprint with Their Mother’s Cooking How Imprinting Affects Your Ability to Lose Weight. And how hypnosis transforms imprints from negative to positive so you can lose weight. In hypnotherapy training, we studied Imprints. Imprints are how our life experiences or life events effect us based on the […]