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How to Improve Your Sleep, Tip #22

Do you need to sleep better at night? Tip #22 offers you a quick and doable way to sleep better. Back in the olden days, it was dark and quiet at night. Now it isn’t and that interferes with our natural sleep pattern. Good sleep hygiene is not having any […]


hypnosis for sleep improvement

#19 Health Tip For Sleep Improvement

Looking To Improve Your Quality of Sleep? “IT’S TIME FOR BED!” Remember mom’s nightly announcement? When you were a child you had a set bedtime. Now as an adult with all the freedoms that come from being an adult you may be staying up way past your bedtime. So if […]


Dallas Hypnosis Program promotes sleeping better 1

Dallas Hypnosis Program promotes sleeping better for weight loss; getting enough sleep keeps your fat cells healthy which helps with weight loss. A recent story on NPR (National Public Radio) detailed the benefit of sleeping better for weight loss. “We’re all familiar with the concept of calories in-calories out. If […]

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Dallas Hypnosis Weight Loss Solution for Sleep Apnea

Dallas Hypnosis Weight Loss is one solution for sleep apnea. An NPR.org article states. Snoring was once considered a simple annoyance for bed partners, but there is a growing awareness in the medical community that the grunts and snorts of noisy sleepers can also be a sign of sleep apnea. “Labs […]


Dallas Hypnosis for Sleep Improvement-sleep better, longer

Hypnosis for Sleep Improvement at Dallas Hypnosis Programs clinical hypnotist Valerie Grimes helps clients sleep better, longer. Valerie A. Grimes uses her proven hypnosis programs to assist people in sleeping better, longer by addressing the issues which may be keeping them up at night. Some of those issues are: Weight […]