Stress and Hypnosis

How to Reduce Stress with Hypnosis

The following is an explanation of stress and how it affects us, in addition, a relaxation exercise you can use to hypnotize yourself to be stress free.

What is stress? 

Stress is a psychological and physiological reaction in our mind and body to an external or internal stimulus. Some stressful reactions to stimuli include:

  • Rapid heart beat
  • Blood flow being diverted to the arms and legs
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Overall feeling of panic

This is a genetic response that was very necessary eons ago when saber-toothed tigers started chasing us across the plains, hungry for their next meal. We developed a response to speed up the heart and send blood to the arms and legs in anticipation of a Fight or a Flight.

At home, work or school when stress kicks in, we receive the same physiological reactions in our body even though we are not faced with a true life or death situation.

Stress is cumulative in nature.

Every stressful situation you confront compounds and builds over time. Many times the event that pushes us over the edge, the event that triggers a fight or altercation, is the last or most recent event. Several other episodes of stress were handled in a way where we ignored the warning signs in our bodies until we could take the pressure no more.

source: Wayne F. Perkins, Educational Hypnotherapist

How to Reduce Stress with Hypnosis


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