Self Esteem Part 1

Hypnosis for Improving Self Esteem

Part one

High Self Esteem. Life is great.

Low Self Esteem. Life Sucks.

Did you know your view of your current situation and the prospects for the future are filtered thru your own self-designed lenses which either see the world as wonderful or awful, great or sucking? Hypnosis for self esteem can help your life be great!

About HypnosisThose lenses were crafted during your early developmental years through direct or indirect words or actions (imprints) that taught you to think you were okay or weren’t okay, worthy or unworthy, loveable or unlovable and those impressions stuck. Currently all of your behaviors emanate from them without your conscious awareness and that is your level of self-esteem.

Okay so now you know why.

I have developed a series of articles to educate you on what self-esteem is and how it affects you on a daily basis in all areas of your life. Then introduce to ways improve you self-esteem.

Self Esteem: The Highs and The Lows of it.

What a person experiences with low self esteem (typical characteristics)

  • Clings to security and safety
  • Addictions, failed relationships, physical abuse, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, low feelings of personal worth
  • Judging without mercy
  • Feels guilty, usually from resentment and towards our caretakers
  • Rationalizes counter-productive behavior
  • Displaying defensiveness
  • Obsessed with acceptance of others
  • Makes same mistakes over and over

What a person experiences with high self esteem (typical characteristics)

  • Seeks challenges and opportunity
  • Understands the right to be happy, confident, worthy and act in the best interest of self and others
  • Believes in themselves
  • Life becomes enriched
  • Open to love
  • Sees self has a lovable person, feels natural for people to like them
  • Lives life fully aware
  • If something/someone comes along and that doesn’t fit them, they can reject or disown easily
  • Understands the right to honor self, listen to own voice
  • Likes self with faults and no faults

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