Reiki Energy Healing

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pamela mauras reiki master

Energy Session Now Offered at The Flow Center on Saturdays

Reiki offers a natural, holistic approach to the Integrative health & wellness of Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit.

Reiki definition:

Rei = Universal Wisdom/Consciousness    Ki = Life Force Energy, Chi, Prana

Benefit of a Reiki Session with Pamela Mauras

In an Energy Session you’ll receive a gentle yet powerful flow of Reiki (Energy Healing) that will:

–        Balance and deeply nourish the Energy Centers (chakras) and Meridians (pathways) of the body

–        Restore the optimal Flow of Life Force that enters the chakras/pathways within the body

–        Clear/release any imbalances that may be decreasing/blocking Ki, Life Force intake within body

–        Support & boost the body’s natural ability to heal itself (Immune System)

–        Help restore overall Harmony-Balance within the body as well as Heart, Mind, Soul & Spirit.