Do you have questions about hypnosis?

Our complimentary consultation answers all questions about the hypnotic process.

can hypnosis be dangerousDo you have questions about hypnosis?  About the hypnotic process? Most people do and to answer the main question HOW MANY SESSIONS WILL I NEED?

It depends on your progress. Hypnosis is a rapid and lasting process; however, each person is unique and has his own unique starting and ending place.  To reach certain goals, four hypnosis sessions may be enough, while attaining other goals may require more.

I admit I had questions about the hypnosis process, but she gently helped me through the process. I found that I not only solved my problem with her help, but I have a much more optimistic view of how to solve problems using Valerie’s advice. She is a trusted adviser and a great mind coach. MICHAEL H – FRISCO

Who are some of your clients?
Our clients are all people who are interested in creating a life change. Some are 100 pounds or more overweight; some smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. Others are addicted to harmful substances; some just have a desire to be better at a skill.

Our clients come from all walks of life. They are a mix of women and men, of adults from all age groups and of children over 10. My clients are of various religious beliefs and are as diverse as the current population. All want to transition and become their true, healthy and best selves.

They are committed to change and believe in the process of hypnosis. Some have been hypnotized before, yet many have never been hypnotized and become excited when they relax into the process.

What is the cost?
The programs are as unique as you. Each is tailored to address your specific concern. To receive an accurate assessment of your investment in this service, please call for a consultation. Major Credit Cards and Flex Spend and HSA Accounts accepted.

How do I schedule an appointment?
To schedule your private consultation or hypnosis appointment, please call 972-974-2094 or email thru contact page.