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DO YOU FEEL YOU ARE SWIMMING UPSTREAM? Hypnosis Helps Get Life Flowing Again. You have natural abilities and confidence to accomplish your goals. It might be weak or hidden, but hypnosis can reintroduce you to that side of you. If you feel you are swimming upstream or feel stuck in […]

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How To Have Holiday Mindfulness.

Create A True Silent Night And Enjoy The Benefits Of A  More Mindful Holiday. by Valerie Grimes, Hypnotist Here is what you do: Select an evening this holiday season and then turn off music, TVs, phones, etc and enjoy the sounds of silence with your family, pets or individually. Benefits- […]


Is Permanent Weight Loss Possible?

Dallas Weight Loss Hypnosis helps you discover the answer to permanent weight loss. According to Jewish tradition, the sea is “the hidden world.” The waters of the ocean conceal the great treasures. Similarly, our soul has layers of depth of which we are usually unaware. We prefer to remain with […]

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Your Success In Life Depends

Your Success In Life Depends on How You Feel About Yourself. Feel Better and Enjoy Success With Dallas Hypnosis Programs. Your relationship with yourself determines your success in all areas of your life. Think about how some people experience one day. They think, today is going to be a crappy […]


Hypnosis History

Hypnosis, although believed to be used thousands of years ago in the trance temples of Greece, got its start in the world of medicine in the 18th century when Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). Mesmer was disillusioned by the medical treatments at the time and also intrigued by the gravitational influence […]

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The Power IS You.

The Power IS You series examines ways we can self create whether it is getting healthier, feeling happier or obtaining a goal. The answer to your problem is not in a pill, a bottle of booze or a piece of cake, it is within. And hypnosis can take you there. […]


Hypnosis And The Cause and Effect of Smoking

Cause and Effect The Correlation Between Stress and Smoking as well as Smoking and Lung Cancer By Valerie Grimes, CHt Clinical Hypnotist If you are a long time smoker and are concerned about how continuing to do so affects your chances of developing lung cancer then the obvious thing to […]

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Hypnosis and the Cause and Effect of Overeating

Cause and Effect: The Correlation Between Negative Emotions and Overeating as well as Weight Gain and Obesity Related Diseases. By Valerie Grimes, CHt Clinical Hypnotist If you or someone close to you is overweight and there is a desire to loose that extra weight, the obvious method for doing so […]



THE NEW SCIENCE BEHIND HOW HYPNOSIS CAN CHANGE THE SUBCONSCIOUS Subconscious personal beliefs often drive our actions and for positive change to occur those beliefs must be recast. Many self-help books by Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracey, and Louise Hay, and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins discuss the importance of making […]

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Selling Game

The Selling Game. If you are a natural you win. If you are not winning, it’s natural. There are natural born salespeople and those that have to work at it. If you are focusing most of your brain-power on the game of selling, and so much so that you are […]