Dallas Hypnotist lists 8 tips for weight loss

Dallas Hypnotist lists 8 tips for weight loss.

Here are 8 tips from dietitians that can help you avoid hunger and irritability, just by choosing the right foods.

1. Eat “good” carbohydrates: Healthy, complex, “good” carbohydrates boost levels of serotonin, a hormone produced in the brain that boosts mood. Smart choices for “good” carbohydrates include low Glycemic fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains.

2. Lose weight gradually: If you are trying to lose weight, it is often better to aim for about 2 pounds of weight loss per week. Suddenly slashing your caloric intake can cause irritability and also may cause you to more frequently experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

3. Go for variety: It is important to eat a balanced diet that includes each of the major macro-nutrients: fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Many dieters try to cut out fat all together; instead, focus on good fats from sources such as salmon, nuts, olive oil.

4. Stay away from junk:This one seems simple, but it’s one we often miss! Sugary drinks and starchy foods create a sudden spike of blood sugar, followed by a rapid drop (due to the insulin response).  Low blood sugar, in turn, causes irritability, mood swings and problems with focus.

5. Eat more often:
Going too long between meals can also lead to low blood sugar levels. Stay on an even emotional keel by eating every 3 to 5 hours; never let yourself get too hunger.

6. Get enough fiber:
Fiber slows the absorption of sugar from the bloodstream and can help prevent mood swings.  Fiber-rich foods also help keep you feeling full longer.

7. Get enough B-vitamins:
Some studies suggest that low levels of Vitamin B12 may be linked to depression.  Other studies suggest that B vitamins can help support healthy metabolism.

8. Add some activity:
Regular physical activity boosts the brain’s production of serotonin. Also, the single most proven equation for losing weight is to burn more calories from activity, than you consume from food.  Getting out in the sunlight (with sunscreen) is even better; it could be as simple as getting out in the garden!

The above 8 tips are adapted from an online Chicago Tribune article “Diet without crankiness” by Alison Johnson.

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