Dallas Weight Loss Program recommends hypnosis over diets

Dallas Weight Loss Help Clinical Hypnotist Valerie Grimes recommends hypnosis over calorie restrictive diets.

  • Have you experienced numerous diets only to return to the old patterns of eating?
  • Do you eat out of emotions?
  • Do you find yourself eating when you are not hungry?

If so, your behavior most be addressed — because the answer to your problem does not reside in the latest new crazy diet, like this one:

Professor who lost weight on Twinkies only proves that even nutrition educators can be Ding Dongs

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor, NaturalNews.com
Originally published December 4 2010

Over the last month or so, the mainstream media has been making a huge deal about Kansas State nutrition professor Mark Haub who lost 27 pounds eating mostly Doritos, Twinkies and other junk food while drinking Diet Mountain Dew. But as usual, they’re misrepresenting the story.

You can lose weight on chemotherapy, too. Does that mean chemotherapy is weight loss medicine, too?

Virtually anything can be promoted as a “weight loss miracle” in the following way:
Consider this: You can lose weight by starving yourself (by eating nothing). That promotes rapid weight loss as long as you stick to it — which is, of course, nearly impossible to do for very long.

If you’re fasting and living on nothing but water, suppose you gulp down one cashew once a day. You’re still going to lose all kinds of weight because you’re severely restricting your calories. Does that mean you’ve made some great discovery about a “cashew diet?” Of course not. It just means you’re burning a lot more calories than you’re consuming.

If processed junk food caused healthy weight loss, America would be the healthiest nation in the world. Clearly that’s not the case.


If you are tired of trying the latest new diet or trend only to find yourself falling back on hold habits, it is time to get to the real problem, the reason why you eat the wrong foods at the wrong time and in the wrong amount. Hypnosis can change your behavior so you see results and it is permanent.

Clinical Hypnotist Valerie Grimes is a recognized master at helping people overcome negative belief systems, false opinions and self-defeating habits that reside in their sub-conscious minds.  These thought habits consistently sabotage relationships, health and opportunities for success in business and other important realms of life.  Call her at 972-974-2094.


About Valerie Grimes

Besides assisting individuals in behavior change and self improvement, Hypnotist Valerie Grimes specializing in dependencies such as alcohol, food, shopping, pain medication, and smoking. She is also trained in the area of hypnosis for PTSD and Auto Immune Disorders. And is a Reiki Level 2 Master. For More about Valerie, Go To Her Personal Web Page. She is a 2002 graduate of the Dallas Hypnosis Training Institute, and certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Continuing Education is maintained 15 hours per year through Hypnosis Motivational Institute in California.