Hypnosis for weight loss tips: Should I weigh every day?

Hypnosis for weight loss tips: Should I weigh every day? The answer:  it depends.

Some people who are wanting to lose weight state that weighing everyday holds them accountable. Some reflect that it is counter productive. So, if it works for you do it, if it doesn’t then stop.

Do you weigh every day?  

  • How does seeing the number make you feel?
  • Does that feeling motivate you to create a behavior change?
  • Does that feeling discourage you?

In my opinion when you step on the scale and see the same number or reading each day you may be registering that number in your mind, and then your mind says, “Yes, that is what I weigh.”

A better idea might be is to create in your mind the number you want to be and tape that number over the scale readout.  Or at the gym when programming the cardio equipment, put your weight as your desired weight. For example is you currently weight 210 and want to be 185, then put 185 on the scale or program into the equipment.

[quote]I personally did this with my own weight, it took about 4 months, but I did nothing different (consciously) and when at the doctor, mid day with clothing and shoes, the scale showed that weight.  It was about 3 # lighter then I was normally….so there is definitely something to that wouldn’t you say?[/quote]

I recommend weighing only every 30 days or better yet, gauging your success by the new hole you made in your belt  (Steve has made 3 so far) or the fact that you can pull your pants down without undoing them! Or you are wearing your skinny jeans like when Amy came in for her last session.

Amy only weighed 2 times in 7 sessions (or about 12 weeks time), here is an excerpt from the last conservation we had:

Me-How are you eating habits?

Amy-My eating has been waaayyyy better.  Naturally making healthier choices.  And I don’t feel deprived.

Me-What else has changed?

Amy-I did notice myself standing up for myself in several areas of my life where normally I would have sabotaged myself with the wrong foods.

Me-What were the results of the last weigh/measure day?

Amy-24 pounds, 8 inches in 7 sessions

Me-What else would you like to say?

Amy-WOOO HOOOO! (hope I spelled that right) AMAZING Weight Reduction Program YOU ROCK Thank you soooo much!

Join Amy and transform your current “Weight/Scale Ritual” and allow your amazing team (your body and your mind) to work together to accomplish your goal.

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