Healthy Eating Tip #35

Consider eating with the seasons.

By Tuning Into Your Natural Instincts

Strawberries are around in the groceries stores all year. But are we really meant to eat and enjoy them all year?

Think about the weather where you live. Would it be conducive to strawberry production?

Perhaps there is a natural health reason those strawberries are ripe for consumption when it is warm and whstrawberriesy a fruit like pears are abundant when it is cooler?

On the vegetable side, lettuce seems spring and summer like; sweet potatoes and acorn squash for the fall and winter seasons.

Something to consider.

My naturopathic doctor said something that made sense about our diets:

“If we were eating from the natural world the way deer would, we might find berries one day, leaves the next, and acorns another time.”

Maybe this is more of the way we were designed to eat.

One way to find out is to tune into your instincts for what foods your body is craving by visiting the grocery store when you are hungry. Stand in the produce section and see which fruit or vegetable catches your eye.

Another way is to use hypnosis to get to that still and quiet place within that knows just what foods you need—it is our natural instinct and we can learn how to be more tuned in.

Hypnosis helps you tune into your natural instincts to eat the right foods, when and how much, call us at 972-974-2094.

hypnosis for bad habitsDallas Hypnotist Valerie Grimes provides a fun and easy approach to creating new healthy habits for losing weight, sleeping better, dealing with stress and getting more exercise. This is tip 35 of 52 weekly tips she created to assist you in Turning Over A New Leaf.


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