Enjoying Your Success as a Non-Smoker: Dallas Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Enjoying Your Success as a Non-Smoker: Dallas Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation.

The key to your success as a non-smoker is enjoying your achievements along the way.

Dallas Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation shows you how.

You have perhaps decided to stop using tobacco, if so, then congratulations.  These easy steps assist you in making a smooth transition to being nicotine free, a non-smoker.


Write your goal in a language the subconscious mind understands.

For example: On (put your quit date), I am a non-smoker (or am nicotine free), I am healthy, free, and in control.


The outcome is more important than the goal because it is the result of the goal achievement and the lifetime benefit of goal achievement.

For example: As a non-smoker, my environment is clean, I walk upstairs easily, my body has more energy, flavors in foods are more satisfying, and my breath is fresh.


Daily review your goal and outcomes. This reinforces the idea in your mind that you are a non-smoker.


On your quit day, write about the success of that day, or ½ day. It is critical that you acknowledge the benefits you are noticing as a non-smoker. The best time to do this is at bedtime and using a pen to write your pages.

For example: Today I feel great and in control and I like that feeling.  Also I figure I saved about $6 today so I’m starting a savings account to buy myself something special at the end of a year. 


Continue these steps for one year, (if you don’t employ hypnosis). The objective is to change the way your mind processes information about tobacco. So to stop permanently, it is vital that your flood your subconscious mind with information about non-smoking.

Dallas Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation wishes you the best in changing this habit. If there are psychological factors involved, you should see a qualified hypnotist to assist you in working through that aspect of the smoking habit.


About Valerie Grimes

Besides assisting individuals in behavior change and self improvement, Hypnotist Valerie Grimes specializing in dependencies such as alcohol, food, shopping, pain medication, and smoking. She is also trained in the area of hypnosis for PTSD and Auto Immune Disorders. And is a Reiki Level 2 Master. For More about Valerie, Go To Her Personal Web Page.

She is a 2002 graduate of the Dallas Hypnosis Training Institute, and certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Continuing Education is maintained 15 hours per year through Hypnosis Motivational Institute in California.