Dallas Hypnosis for smoking cessation: rational reasons aren’t enough

Dallas Hypnosis for smoking cessation: when rational reasons aren’t enough– even the potential for increased risk of skin cancer.

Rational reasons to stop smoking don’t usually motivate people to stop smoking. However, if you want to stop smoking, here is one more reason to consider: what smoking does to your skin.

When we are young we enjoy a healthy outward appearance so even if we smoke, it is hard to rationalize that smoking is actually harming us on the inside.  Maybe we cough more, or have problems catching our breath climbing the steps.  But, when we look healthy, we don’t think about the potential for lung cancer, throat cancer and heart disease.

Dallas Hypnosis for smoking cessation helps increase the motivation to quit smoking

However this changes when we finds a skin growth on our face and the thought disfiguring skin cancer hits a little closer to home creating that emotional appeal to quit.

If not, hopefully this will

Here is a study linking smoking to two types of skin cancer:

The study focused on two types of nonmelamona skin cancer—basal cell carcinoma (BCC), which is rarely fatal but can be disfiguring…and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which can cause significant disfigurement and can be deadly. Researchers compared health information on 315 adults who had no history of skin cancer with data on 380 people who had been diagnosed with either BCC or SCC. 

Results: Smoking significantly increased women’s odds of developing squamous cell cancer—and the more they smoked, the higher their risk. For instance, women who smoked the equivalent of one pack a day for 20 years had three times the risk for SCC as women with no history of smoking. No connection was found between smoking and BCC in women. 

Source: Dana E. Rollison, PhD, is lead author of a study on smoking and skin cancer published in
Cancer Causes & Control.

In business your outward appearance is critical, please don’t compromise that as well as your internal health by smoking. Stop smoking with hypnosis today.

Dallas Hypnosis for smoking cessation: when rational reasons aren’t enough hypnosis helps to turn up the motivation to quit on an emotional level. Perhaps this article already did that for you.  If not call us. 972-974-2094


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