Creativity: How To Deal With Stress During the Holidays.

Creativity: How To Deal With Stress During the Holidays, 4 of 5 secrets revealed by hypnotist.

Creativity is an outlet for stress relief, think about it, how can you feel stressed out with finger paints all over your hands, or making a candy cane reindeer for the tree, or making other crafts?

You can’t.

So, what are you waiting for? Release your inner creative child.


Recall a memory of the holiday season from childhood.  Doesn’t that bring a smile?  Notice how excited you were.  How you felt physically, that quickened pace of your heart.

That memory is easily accessed and enjoyed.  Now recall a time when you were creative: Painting, drawing, signing, dancing, when you were lost in what you were doing. I remember playing my “blue plastic electric organ and singing along.”

I really thought I was talented and no one could have told me different, I was tapped into that beautiful, fanciful place, that creative mind of a child.  Go there now and tap into that spirit, look with delight at the lights, the colors, the beauty of nature, hear with new ears, feel the joys of gratitude for all that is around you and available to you.

So if you don’t like the way your season is going then…TAKE CHARGE

Create new traditions – allow your mind to be open and creative, connect to that imaginative child within.

Holidays can be fun for parents/adults too, here are some ideas:

  • At your gathering have everyone make an easy craft (Reindeer candy canes are easy and my personal favorite)
  • Get outside: go for a hike at a state park or a walk at your neighborhood park, notice what makes winter, winter.
  • Simplify the holiday meal, what about turkey sandwiches and soup?
  • Get out family albums and tell stories about “the creative kiddos.”
  • String popcorn for the tree.
  • Build a fire and have 30 minutes of silence, singing or story-telling.


 Creativity: How To Deal With Stress During the Holidays, 4 of 5 secrets revealed by hypnotist.



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