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Exploring Your Sexual Side Subconsciously

Hypnosis to find out what your subconscious knows about your vital sexual power? Part of the Subconscious Journey Series from Hypnotist Valerie Grimes Disconnection from your sexual power manifests in Unhappiness, addictions, negative relationship patterns, Poor self-esteem, low sex drive, and conflict about the meaning of sex By discovering and […]

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Hypnosis Calms Anxiety In The Modern World

HAS THE MODERN WORLD LEFT YOU FEELING ANXIOUS?  Is It All The Technology? Hypnosis can calm anxiety. “The reason we know smart phones and other technology makes people anxious is a trend we are seeing with our clients,” stated Valerie Grimes, director at The Flow Center for Hypnosis in Dallas. […]


How To Have Holiday Mindfulness.

Create A True Silent Night And Enjoy The Benefits Of A  More Mindful Holiday. by Valerie Grimes, Hypnotist Here is what you do: Select an evening this holiday season and then turn off music, TVs, phones, etc and enjoy the sounds of silence with your family, pets or individually. Benefits- […]


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Clear Your Mind- Perfect Stress Reliever

30-day Mind Detox, Perfect Stress Reliever, Helps Clear Your Mind. The Mind Detox consists of 6 things you do or don’t do each day.  One of the Don’t Do items is to limit news programming. Here is a survey and report that says most people contribute news programming as a […]


Hypnosis for Back Pain

A testimonial from Terrie in Dallas. Experience now tells me that I can’t and shouldn’t just take a single doctor’s word regarding my health problems. I have learned that my body responds mentally, emotionally and even spiritually to my thoughts and environment. When my chiropractor asked me if I was […]

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New Reiki Sessions with Pamela Mauras

Energy Session Now Offered at The Flow Center on Saturdays Reiki offers a natural, holistic approach to the Integrative health & wellness of Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit. Reiki definition: Rei = Universal Wisdom/Consciousness    Ki = Life Force Energy, Chi, Prana Benefit of a Reiki Session with Pamela Mauras In […]


The Top 3 Unhealthy Habits a Dallas Hypnotist Can Help You Break for the New Year

A Dallas hypnotist can help you stay focused and pursue your resolutions in successful ways. Kicking a bad habit is tough. Kicking a bad habit for good is even tougher. Long-term change is a constant struggle; it requires mental determination, focus, and self-control. Changing addictive behaviors is a personal process. […]

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2 Positive Changes Hypnosis Empowers You to Make

Empowerment comes from within, hypnosis only enhances the process.  There are at least two positive changes hypnosis will empower you to make in your life. Making these shifts may mark the turning point in your life, setting you up to create a life you really love. Letting Go of What’s […]


Hypnosis for hot flashes, getting hot just reading.

I’m Getting Hot Reading This.  Hypnosis for Hot Flashes. I saw this on the website of Journal of Clinical Hypnosis and wanted to share, too bad my hot flashes are in the past….if yours are in your present moment, let’s talk about hypnosis for hot flashes. By Kathleen Doheny HealthDay […]



Balance Your Body With Hypnosis and Lose Weight.

Increased Body Weight Can Be An Indication That Our Life is Out of Balance, Hypnosis for Weight Loss Brings a Person’s Body Back into Balance. What throws our body off is when we become detached from our natural instincts.  This occurs over time by removing ourselves from the natural world, […]