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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

How hypnosis helped with smoking Client Testimonial I haven’t had ONE cigarette or even the slightest URGE for a cigarette since leaving your office now 10 days ago. And I don’t anticipate anything getting in the way of my breakthrough/progress/momentum! I feel 1000% better and stronger mentally & physically every […]

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Hypnosis vastly reduces headaches

How hypnosis helped with headaches. Client Testimonial for The Flow Center Before I started seeing Valerie, was having debilitating tension headaches that prescription medication helped only slightly. At the least provocation or stressful situation, I would get a headache. I had been having headaches for about 8 years. I knew […]


Does Hypnosis Work? Hypnosis in Dallas Testimonials Say Yes.

Does Hypnosis Work? Hypnosis in Dallas Testimonials Say Yes. I don’t get asked that question very often anymore.  But 10 years ago when I started out I did. Today I credit the internet for helping to change our perception of hypnosis by making it more accessible and familiar.  On line […]

Does Hypnosis Work?

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Plan on losing weight with hypnosis in Dallas?

Losing weight with hypnosis in Dallas is easy when you have a plan, when you have a visual plan like Debra. In order to reach your goal TO BE TRIMMER you must first SEE IT/FEEL IT as already happened. Using your imagination seeing, feeling, experiencing the life you want the […]


Does hypnosis work for personal growth?

Our clients share their thoughts about the hypnosis sessions they had with Valerie Grimes at Dallas Hypnosis Programs. OPEN DOORS “Valerie has helped me open doors to my personal and professional life that I never thought possible. Her positive outlook and outpouring of support is brilliant.” SUMMER G – DALLAS […]

Stress Management Therapy

Hypnosis for weight loss tips: Should I weigh every day?

Hypnosis for weight loss tips: Should I weigh every day? The answer:  it depends. Some people who are wanting to lose weight state that weighing everyday holds them accountable. Some reflect that it is counter productive. So, if it works for you do it, if it doesn’t then stop. Do […]


Hypnosis Program in Dallas for losing weight works when you remove self-sabotage.

Hypnosis for losing weight works.  Dallas Hypnosis Programs uses the SIX elements for personal permanent behavior change. The 2nd one:  remove self-sabotage. Do you use food to comfort yourself? Do you use food to reward yourself? Do you use food to punish yourself? If so, you may have a PART […]


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How Stress Affects Your Sales Goals.

Stress can stall sales goals but with hypnosis and stress management therapy sales goals are effortlessly obtained. Sales goal scenario: You have a sales goal and the thought of it is stressful. The goal is double from last year so you ask yourself: How can I reach that, I have […]


Stress and Alcohol Use or is It Alcohol Use and Stress? 1

Stress and Alcohol Use or is It Alcohol Use and Stress? Does alcohol help with stress or does alcohol create a stressful state in your body?  The answer is No and Yes. Source:  NIAAA website, Alcohol Alert #32, from 1996. Does Stress Influence Drinking? Studies indicate that people drink as […]

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Stress and anxiety management: When Socioeconomic Struggles Challenge Who We Are. Part 3.

Stress and anxiety management: In an attempt to hold our lives together, unhealthy habits develop. If you have read my first two articles on stress management during socioeconomic struggles then you will connect with the next statement. If not, go back and read them and then come back to this […]