Eliminating Stress with Hypnosis

Hypnosis Calms Anxiety In The Modern World

HAS THE MODERN WORLD LEFT YOU FEELING ANXIOUS?  Is It All The Technology? Hypnosis can calm anxiety. “The reason we know smart phones and other technology makes people anxious is a trend we are seeing with our clients,” stated Valerie Grimes, director at The Flow Center for Hypnosis in Dallas. […]

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Does Hypnosis Work

Dissolving Anxiety with Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Dissolving Anxiety How to reinforce the effects of your session. Once a client leaves the office it is critical to the lasting effects of the session to continue to use the tools the hypnotist teaches. “All hypnosis is self hypnosis” If a person describes themselves as anxious or feels […]


How Smiling At People Relieves Stress

Valerie Grimes, Hypnotist Presents Tip 25 for Dissolving Stress. You know how darling kids are when they smile and wave at you? And then you smile? Have you noticed that you immediately feel better? Why is this? In 1989, a psychologist named Robert Zajonc published one of the most significant […]


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3 Ways Hypnosis for Panic Attacks Can Help You Naturally.

Hypnosis for panic attacks can help you control anxiety without relying on medication. The source of a panic attack is anxiety. Experiencing anxiety and stress is a natural part of being alive, but panic attacks are unusual in their intensity with damaging side effects. If you suffer from anxiety regularly, […]


Stress Management with Hypnosis Stops Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks for Frisco Woman Reside with Hypnosis A recent client shares her beautiful account of a day without the negative emotions she lived with for over a year. Part of the Stress Management with Hypnosis Natural Tranquilizer Program. [quote]Donna Shares Her Day[/quote] Such a beautiful, gorgeous spring day outside! […]

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How Stress Affects Your Sales Goals.

Stress can stall sales goals but with hypnosis and stress management therapy sales goals are effortlessly obtained. Sales goal scenario: You have a sales goal and the thought of it is stressful. The goal is double from last year so you ask yourself: How can I reach that, I have […]


Stress and Alcohol Use or is It Alcohol Use and Stress? 1

Stress and Alcohol Use or is It Alcohol Use and Stress? Does alcohol help with stress or does alcohol create a stressful state in your body?  The answer is No and Yes. Source:  NIAAA website, Alcohol Alert #32, from 1996. Does Stress Influence Drinking? Studies indicate that people drink as […]

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Stress Management Therapy, Hypnosis A Natural Tranquilizer

 Hypnosis for stress is one of the best stress relief techniques and found in this stress management therapy program. The first step is the hypnosis stress relief recording that teaches your body and brain how to greatly reduce or eliminate the response to the outside stimuli that makes you feel […]


Stress Management and Stop Smoking are linked.

Stress Management and Stop Smoking are linked. Learn to manage your stress and you easily stop smoking with hypnosis. According to the Mayo Clinic web site, one of the effects of stress is smoking or tobacco use.  And according to my clients, “smoking to relax” is the number one reason […]

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Anxiety and Stress Management and Hypnosis Weight Loss in Dallas

Anxiety and Stress Management and Hypnosis Weight Loss Result in a Trimmer Waist Line.  IS STRESS DRIVING YOU TO UNHEALTHY BEHAVIORS? We usually we EAT the wrong foods or too much when we are stressed, right? Has this happened to you? One day we wake up and our lives are […]