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Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs With Hypnosis

Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs With Hypnosis So You Can Easily Move Forward Towards Your Goal. Beliefs also called Imprints often stop us in our tracks even though our conscious intention is otherwise. Need to stop a counter productive behavior? Want to be free to move forward with a project or […]

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The Importance of Having a High Self-Esteem

Maintaining a Healthy Self-Esteem Self-esteem can be defined as the confidence or overall evaluation as person has on his or her worth. Maintaining a healthy self-esteem is very beneficial to a person’s health. Better Stability With a healthy self-esteem, your life becomes less of an emotional rollercoaster. You are able […]



Our best intentions to improve ourselves each year often end in defeat and possibly causing us to feel worse for our perceived failure. This is a self-defeating annual custom. Hypnotist, Valerie Grimes, examines why this is. To better understand perceived failure when it comes to a Resolution it is important […]

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Hypnosis for Removing Old Outdated Concepts.

A testimonial from Steve in Dallas. I have harbored some issues for what seems to be a lifetime. Recently, the light bulb came on… again. It was time for another attempt to get rid of what I came to know as old, outdated concepts and to deal with them in […]


#6 Health Tip For Goal Setting

What Are The Rewards of Reaching Your Goal? They just might be more important than the actual goal.   The way you reward yourself on the way to a goal is your motivation. STRENGTHENING THE MOTIVATION. When we are working towards a long term goal we sometimes forget about our small […]

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What is Hypnosis and How Can It Help You Meet Your Goals

What is hypnosis? Find the answer to your question and see how it changes your attitude toward achieving challenging goals. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mental relaxation that leaves you open to new positive suggestions. Meditation and daydreaming are other ways of achieving a state of hypnosis that […]


3 Ways Positive Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

It’s hard to predict the full ramifications of this powerful process, but here are some of the most impactful ways that positive hypnosis can change your life. Becoming more functional in everyday life is an important goal for hundreds of people. Because many people are skeptical about the true power […]

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Top 4 Positive Changes From Hypnosis Can Bring

What’s it take to bring on positive changes from hypnosis?  Creating better life habits can be one of the main benefits to hypnosis. This type of mental conditioning permanently affects the way you approach problems that you encounter on a regular basis. You can effortlessly address specific issues that have […]


The Insider’s Guide To Positive Hypnosis

To achieve positive hypnosis you have to be willing to try. As with any style of therapy, hypnosis is a cooperative experience. If a patient is resistant from the outset, hypnosis is much less likely to be effective. It will be very hard to achieve results when the subject is […]

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Does Hypnosis Really Work, Even if You’re Skeptical?

It’s probably the question we hear most: Does hypnosis really work? Actually, it’s more often phrased like this – at least by skeptics: “Hypnosis doesn’t really work, right?” It’s a question filled with a peculiar mix of guarded hope and fear. A lot of the skepticism derives from hypnosis being […]