4 Ways Hypnosis for Anxiety Puts Your Mind at Ease at Work

hypnosis for anxietyStress in the work place is rampant; hypnosis for anxiety can help you refocus and regain your productivity.

More and more clients are seeking hypnosis for anxiety, and after listening to their stories of what’s going on at work that’s prompting them to call, it’s no wonder. Workers are constantly being asked to do more with less and are in constant danger of being replaced if they do something wrong.

Of course, living under the constant fear that you’ll make a job-ending mistake doesn’t do much for your quality of life or peace of mind. While there’s not much your hypnotist can do to improve your work conditions, you may find tremendous relief and a renewed sense of confidence when you use hypnosis to live anxiety-free at work.

Hypnosis for anxiety can help you relax. When you relax your heart beat slows and you breathe freely, deeply. Calmness displaces anxiety. In a state of serenity, you’ll be able to think more clearly and focus on the tasks at hand. We’ll work on this at your hypnosis sessions, and you’ll also learn some techniques you can use anywhere at any time.

Just a few tools you can experiment with on your own:

Counting. Some people like to count forward and others count backwards. What is important is that you focus on the numbers and eliminate outside influences. This action will help to calm your anxiety and put you in a relaxed state.

Imagery. Think about a place, person, or thing that makes you happy. Allow the image to fill your mind and try to place yourself at your favorite spot or with the one you love. Many times the image is enough to lessen the anxiety you are feeling.

Breathing. Focus on your breathing. Feel your lungs expand with each breath you inhale and deflate with each exhale.

Touch. Place your hand on something and allow yourself to real feel what you’re touching while thinking of nothing else.

Hypnotic methods have been shown to calm people down and reduce anxiety. The practices can be learned from an experienced hypnotist to help in almost any stressful situation.

If you’re suffering from anxiety attacks at work, now is the time to seek help. Call 972-974-2094 to schedule a consultation appointment today to see how hypnosis can help.



About Valerie Grimes

Besides assisting individuals in behavior change and self improvement, Hypnotist Valerie Grimes specializing in dependencies such as alcohol, food, shopping, pain medication, and smoking. She is also trained in the area of hypnosis for PTSD and Auto Immune Disorders. And is a Reiki Level 2 Master. For More about Valerie, Go To Her Personal Web Page.

She is a 2002 graduate of the Dallas Hypnosis Training Institute, and certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Continuing Education is maintained 15 hours per year through Hypnosis Motivational Institute in California.