#1 Health Tips for Weight Loss 1

Want to lose weight? Health Tips for Weight Loss #1

How you define your goals will either help you succeed or help you fail.

Let’s pretend your weight loss goal to drop 40 pounds.  Which of the following goals sound achievable?

  • To lose 40 pounds
  • To start eating more green stuff or drinking more water

In order to stay motivated we need proof of progress. That is why it is helpful to set up attainable short-term goals rather than an seemingly unattainable long-term goal and that is the focus of today’s health tips for weight loss.


Is your goal to drop 40 pounds?

How will you feel in 30 days if that has not changed in spite of eating more greens and drinking more water?  But if your goals were to eat more greens and drink more water then you would feel pretty good about yourself.

Here is a helpful goal worksheet to assist you in establishing the long and short-term goals as well as the actions required and commitment level needed to get there

(after you fill this out, post it somewhere that is visible on a daily basis).

Health Tips for Weight Loss #1:

Define short term goals that lead to the attainment of your longer term goal.


My long-term goal is:

My short-term goals are:

I will do ____________________ daily to achieve my short-term goal.

I will do ____________________ daily to achieve my long-term goal.

My level of commitment is ______  (0 weak, 10 strong)

What is driving that commitment?

What could stop you from having the success you want?

What are you willing to do to have it?

What will it mean “about you” when you are at your goal?

What will be the best thing about achieving your long-term goal?

Want to lose weight? How you define your goals will either help you succeed or help you fail.

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